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30 Nov 2020

A Real Numismatic Dear Abby Letter Today (Humor)

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I was filling time between patients and looking at the news coming out of Alabama today. It's great to be a therapist! I came across this Dear Abby letter and was so shocked that I had to share it with you all.....

DEAR ABBY: My wife recently came back from a gold/silver/coin merchandiser event and told me she had sold an old U.S. $5 gold piece (for probably less than it was worth). I was hurt, not only because I have a coin collection and would have been interested in knowing about and seeing the coin, but also because she didn't seem to understand how disappointed and hurt I was. She gleefully announced she was going to use the proceeds to purchase an exercise bike.

I took a two-hour walk to work off my feelings and then skipped dinner because I had lost my appetite. Sometimes I feel that my feelings don't matter to her -- that it's "her way or the highway." Should I let this incident go and move on, or is a long "crucial conversation" called for? -- DISCOUNTED IN OHIO

This is one of the most egregious and serious breaches of trust between wife and numismatist that I can imagine. How dare she??! And this poor schlub doesn't even know whether he should let it go or confront her about it! I was shocked and appalled to say the least. Confront her, man, confront her!!

And then it gets worse! She buys an exercise bike? Yeah right, she's gonna actually get on the dang thing and do a workout? There goes all that money out the window. She could have even used it to buy a better $5.00 gold coin in better condition. But no.

But then it gets even worse from there! DEAR OLD ABBY says.....

DEAR DISCOUNTED: Of course you should discuss this with your wife. That coin was only a thing. The fact that the coin was sold without first consulting you is less important than your statement that sometimes you think your feelings don't matter to her.

A key factor in successful marriages is the ability to discuss difficult subjects calmly. Your ability to relate to each other appears to need improvement. If you cannot work this out between the two of you, a licensed therapist may be able to help.

I was beside myself by her nonsensical nadderings! A coin is only a "thing"?? Why a coin is a numismatic object to be studied, conserved and enjoyed for ever! It has a history and is a work of art! Obviously, the advice lady has been at this way too long and needs to be put out to pasture. She neglects the fact the wife even had the coin and this poor guy didn't even know about it. He's a fellow numismatist for pity sake!

She should have told him to immediately seek a lawyer to see if he has grounds for a divorce! In fact the only good advice from the old lady is to see a "licensed therapist". One who is familiar with numismatic issues. Like me.All I can say is thank God it wasn't a St. Gaudins double eagle.....



Level 4

About fourty years ago I came home one day to find the airplane I had spent several years and thousands of dollars to build was gone. The wife had it hauled to the dump. She is the Ex ! Never got another plane! Seems to me that $5 gold pieces are like planes. You never know when you can get another. Bad Wifes are easy to come by!!!

It could have been worse had she holed the coin for a necklace. Great blog Bama!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Abby is obviously not a Numismatist. LOL


Level 7

I enjoyed that . One thing I will never have to worry about my wife selling a coin I own. She hates them.!!!! So I'm safe. What you said about talking calmly. I took a class in this. Trans action analysis. It's about talking parent to parent child to child and so on. I shared this with my wife. She said it might help. It has helped tremendously. Yes we do argue. Thanks for Dear Abby. I have not heard that name in years. We share everything except coins. We would if she likes them. Great story. And blog


Level 5

That would be... unfortunate. Ah, Ill make sure to choose my better half wisely. Cheers, NM


Level 6

WOW My better half would never do that.


Level 6

Nice blog. I didn't think I have ever heard of such a travesty of trust. Got to go and fast.


Level 5

My Love, my feelings, my bank account, heck, I'll even share my coffee & chocolate cookies, my coins.....NEVER! She's gotta go! lol!


Level 5

I don't even know what to say. Let's just hope he doesn't have any more $5 gold coins lying on the shelf


Level 5

Interesting story. Was she a collector herself or just had a coin? If she knew that he collected coins, it's odd she didn't share it with him before she sold it. If she knew the value, then no big deal. Let her sell it and get over it. Sounds like she got a fair price for the coin. Exercise bikes are expensive and she wants to stay in shape. Look's like she knew what she was doing. If she starts taking his coins and selling them, then he has a situation, doesn't he.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

We can never know, but from the husband's words I gather she did not know what it might be worth.

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