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06 Jan 2022

Coin Collector: A Literature Review

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Last month I went to the bookstore and checked out the coin magazines. I saw this magazine I had never seen before called Coin Collector and it is a British Coin magazine. It appears to be published quarterly. They also have a website www.allaboutcoins.co.uk

On the cover is what you would expect to see, pictures and feature articles in this issue. The article "Consort Coins Explained" jumped out at me as I upon happenstance bought two out of the bargain bin at Jefferson Coin Shop in Charlottesville, VA.

I bought one that featured Lady Diana on the obverse and one with Winston Churchill. The latter subject of course was not a Royal consort, but they are used as commemorative coins to be used in general circulation.
Other interesting articles were about coins of the Civil War (theirs, not ours! HA ha!) and foreign coins once used in Great Britian. There are other types of articles that we commonly find in our magazines as well.

All in all, a pretty good coin magazine, though a bit pricy as it was imported. I bought mine for $12.49. After the sticker shock though, I found it to be a very helpful and interesting magazine and I would encourage admirers of Great Britian's coinage to consider reading it!

My personal collection dates back to two George III half cents.



Level 4

I have never seen a British coin magazine.


Level 4

That magazine is interesting.


Level 6

That's very cool! Good find! ; )


Level 5



Level 6

I like looking at magazine from other countries from time to time. Good to see what is going on on the rest of the world. Thanks Bama.

Long Beard

Level 5

Thanks for sharing as, like yourself, that one escaped me. And I browse the coin magazines here from time to time. That said, I collect Irish coinage so this is one I'll be looking for online.

I only read the Numismatist.


Level 5

Looks good. I will have to check it out.


Level 5

I always enjoy the coin magazines.


Level 6

Its worth its price, if it has good information. Sounds like it was worth it


Level 7

My wife tells at me for all the magazines I have. Knowing you I'm positive this is good. Thanks.

AC coin$

Level 6

Great note about the book, interesting . Thanks for sharing such information with us.

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