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16 Apr 2021

Numismatic Forgery By Charles M. Larson – Book Review

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Numismatic Forgery By Charles M. Larson – Book Review

In this book, the author begins by noting the difference between a counterfeit and forgery in the world of Numismatics. Counterfeit is to create a duplicate of the original and use it for the face value of the original bill or coin. Whereas forgery is to modify a coin or bill to look alike a collectable to a numismatist and try to sell it at a premium price. The book talks about three types of lathes used as a tool for forgery: small hobby lathe, mid-sized lathe, and full-sized lathe. And some of the equipment used in forgery are high speed rotary hand tool, rock tumbler, kiln, centrifuge, electro plating unit, etc. The book also discusses about the various methods of forgery such as alteration, casting, and creating dies. Overall, the book has detailed information on how Numismatic forgery is being done. Good book to create some awareness amongst coin collectors.



Level 4

There has to be a way to catch these people and slow down the problem.


Level 5

Forgery always interested me. Don't think I need to worry about it very much. But those fake Morgans are worrisome.


Level 6

Good subject for sure! Thanks for the review! ; )


Level 5

Hm! Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks!

Sounds useful. Thanks for the review!

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