Greg_6703: MY COMPLETE 1817 MINT SET - including GOLD !

26 Mar 2015

What a prolific year for the US Mint!
Here are my choice PCGS specimens representing every denomination of 1817.

I hope this piques your interest to research reasons why we minted only 2 denominations dated 1817.

Walter Breen refers to the Matron Head portrait as "spectacularly ugly".
William Sheldon compared it to "the head of an obese ward boss".

In the half dollars, all sorts of interesting varieties came forth that year, including scarce overdates.



Level 5

Very nice coins!


Level 5

Nice job!

You have some nice coins on your hands

Great coins, all of them seem to be struck very well and not worn.


Level 4

Thank you for raising this question.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

great accomplishment


Level 7

I have to say it's a beauty. Good for you enjoy them.


Level 6

Great set! I love Walter Breen's comment! : )


Level 5

Sweet set!



Level 5



Level 4

Well said! The coin itself is pretty nice, I agree. I do find those scholars' comments witty. Reminds me of those silly internet articles, in this case: Watch Lady Liberty Age Ungracefully!


Level 5

Amazing coins! I find that Matron head Large cent to be "Spectacularly Beautiful!"


Level 4

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