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20 Dec 2021

Washington Quarters and Free Coin Day!

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Lets get right into this blog. All of these Washington Quartres were bought at my coin club. The first coin there is a 1980-S Proof Washington Quarter that was $1. Then there is a 1983-S Proof Washington Quarter for $1. (The better of the two). The final one of all the washington Quarters is the BU 1959-P toned Silver Washington quarterfor $7-. I really love the toning on this one. On the reverse the eagle has a weird crack on it's chest. It makes it look like a cracked eagle statue. I bought all three for only $5! A steal of a deal! I was debating wether I should send the toned 1959-P Washington Quarter to get graded. I was wondering about your thoughts too.

Then the 1941 Mercury Dime and the 1940-P silver Jefferson Nickel. I got both of these at a coin shop for free coin day! That is where you can go to coin shops (some may not do free coin day) and you get a free coin or two! I got both of these for $0 in case you were wondering.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great rest of your day!



AC coin$

Level 6

Mercury dimes are being evaluated higher by European coin appraisers. Silver will go up soon .

AC coin$

Level 6

Great coins . Thanks for sharing .


Level 5

Thank you!

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