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10 Feb 2015

Detector's coin find 'pure fate'

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A metal detector enthusiast who discovered one of the largest Anglo-Saxon coin hoards ever found in Britain described it as "pure fate" as the treasure went on display at the British Museum.

Paul Coleman, 59, from Southampton, found more than 5,200 silver coins from the 11th century in the village of Lenborough, Buckinghamshire, during a Christmas dig on December 21.

He said that finding treasure for the first time in 40 years as a metal detector fan felt "like winning the pools" as the coins were put on show for the public at the museum in Bloomsbury, central London.





Level 7

That's a great way to find coins only wish I could. Good for you and thanks.


Level 5

A cache that can be kept by the detectorist is a dream of all of them--including me!

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