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04 Jul 2017

Celebrating My Independence

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We have gone through another year here in the United States, and everywhere else for that matter.  This Independence Day  morning I am thinking about our country, but I am also reflecting upon a coin collecting hobby in flux, both politically and socially.  Just like is happening in the United States of America.  I did something different this holiday weekend and I went crabbing.  Happy Independence Day.  Remember the soldiers, so many who are not with us this day.   The coin is a German token showing a card player, a favorite pastime of many soldiers.  The fat guy on the fishing boat is me.



Level 4

Nice! Hope you had fun. Happy Independence Day, and we all remember and appreciate our veterans.


Level 6

Mmmmm. crabs! Thanks for my freedom Vets!!!


Level 5

Happy 4th. Hope you were able to eat well.


Level 6

Great pic, great token! Glad you're enjoying the 4th!


Level 6

Have a great 4th. Interesting token.


Level 4

Happy Independence Day!


Level 7

Wonderful absolutely wonderful. I love the picture it's nice to see people enjoying the freedom we have here but take for granted sometimes. I hope you and your friends enjoy those poor crabs!. Thanks Mike.


Level 5

I suggest you look for a coin featuring the image of a crab to remember this occasion. Happy 4th.


Level 4

^ seconded!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

love the token and what a great activity. every year i go to an orchestra performance outdoors then there is a marvelous firework show.

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