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10 Apr 2020

New Pickups

| Coin Collecting With Tyler

Hello everyone I had some money to spend and I had purchased a 1957 Proof Franklin Half Dollar in PF68 STAR and a 1961 Proof Franklin Half Dollar in PF 67 CAMEO, and they were both graded by NGC. These to coins are pretty amazing as you can see in the pictures below! I had purchased these coins from Kearney Coin Center on EBay!I hope you all are doing well!


Tyler Jorgenson



Level 5

Nice work! Those are some seriously beautiful coins, and I hope you love them! Good luck on future additions! Cheers, your fellow YN, NM


Level 5

Man, those are some pretty proof Franklins - thanks for sharing pics! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 5

Beautiful coins.


Level 6

Very cool. I have always liked Franklin's'. They sure make a great Cameo. I was collecting toned ones for a while. I realized that, much like my beloved Peace Dollars, they don't usually tone well. Thanks.

Franklin's are under-appreciated and can be ho-hum in MS grades, but they are dazzling in proof cameo . Nice specimen.

Very nice Franklin halves! Great pics, thanks for sharing

Long Beard

Level 5

Very nice, perfect grades in my opinion. Star designations are tough to come by and always the highlight of any high end series.


Level 6

Wow Tyler, they are both beautiful Cameos, that 1957 Is especially nice. Thanks for sharing, you have an eye for quality.


Level 7

Nice coins. I was lucky. I bought mine years ago the were cheeper. I wish they would come out with another coin with Franklin. You have some nice coins. Stay in your budget. You will be fine. You picked a beautiful set if thats the start i have tosee the dinish. Take your time.

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