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03 Jan 2021

Ferdinand III Thaler

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Here is a new addition to my Thaler collection. Hungary isn’t my normal collecting focus but the large diameter and nice strike were really appealing to me.

Diameter: 46mmWeight: 28.54 gKörmöcbánya (Kremnitz) mint.Obverse: Laureate, armored, and draped bust rightReversed: Crowned double-headed eagle, holding sword and scepter; crowned and collared coat-of-arms on breast.Huszár 1241; KM 107; Davenport 3198
Ferdinand III was from 1621 Archduke of Austria, King of Hungary from 1625, King of Croatia and Bohemia from 1627, and Holy Roman Emperor from 1637 until his death in 1657. Sounds like he had a lot on his plate.

Ferdinand ascended the throne at the beginning of the last decade of the Thirty Years' War and introduced lenient policies to depart from old ideas of divine rights under his father because he had wished to end the war quickly. As the numerous battles had not resulted in sufficient military containment of the Protestant enemies and confronted with decaying imperial power Ferdinand was compelled to abandon the political stances of his Habsburg predecessors in many respects in order to open the long road towards the much delayed peace treaty. Although his authority among the princes would weaken after the war, in Bohemia, Hungary, and the Austrias, however, Ferdinand's position as sovereign was uncontested.

The Kremnica Mint is a state-owned mint situated in Kremnica, Slovakia. The predecessor of current was established in the Kingdom of Hungary in 1328, and for nearly seven centuries it has continuously been minting coins.

The first mint mark on coins minted in Kremnica was C for Latin Cremnicium, this was changed to K for Hungarian Körmöcz or German Kremnitz under Sigismund and later K-B (Hungarian Körmöcz-Bánya or German Kremnitz-Bergstadt).

European Crowns 1600-1700 by Davenport



Level 4

That is an amazing coin! Congratulations!


Level 6

Great Coin inspired history lesson. Thanks, great coin.


Level 6

Nice addition to your collection

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing its fascinating story.


Level 7

The graders will not say DD on coins or tokens because of the presses they used or the hammering that was done back in those days. You always come up with these great coins. Then again my budget is not in the same ballpark. Someday I will purchase one and I hope I can meet your standard on the blog of it. Again as always terrific!! Thanks for the reserch!! And history. I already learned today!!


Level 5

Again, I must say... "I loves me some history and Coinage". That period is one of the more fascinating times in history. Beautiful coin and blog!


Level 5

Very fascinating. I love these coins that have mountains of history behind them, just waiting to be uncovered. Cheers!


Level 5

Good looking item, and nice size. I should look at more foreign coins. Thanks for posting.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Interesting history, thanks

Thirty years war doesn't get talked about a lot. Is that true doubling I see on the letters, or just the style?


Level 5

There is lots of doubling on coins from this era.

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