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13 Nov 2019

2019 Enhanced Reverse Proof. On Sale November 14th.

Coins | Mike B

Hi everyone. Tomorrow the United States Mint will play a game. See if you can buy this coin. Why wouldn't we. Well the mint has done this many times before. I suggest most of us get frustrated now. Now this is a special coin. They all are. But this has a mintage of only 30,000 and limited to one per household. Don't get be wrong but I do like the coin. What I can't figure out is that 156 are on pre-sale on Ebay. There all in o.g.p. The set below is a picture taken from that site. The asking price. 1999.00. The lowest is 262.00. Actually the lowest is 65.00 from the mint. My first question. How did these people on eBay get this coin before release date. Some state they have sold thirty already some say last one. Why can't we do this. Another question. How will these grade? Most pre- sales are slabed already. One is shown. Sellout but if course. I say ten to twelve minutes.. Company's have employees calling for them. The race is on. Everything will be in the timing. Will you try to purchase this?. From were I'm sitting there gone already except maybe a 100 or more. We know retailers are catered to. The regular collector will be shut out once more I believe. I will try. Stop watch set. Set up. Under four seconds to go I will place an order. By the time I get it in my bag time should be up and it should go through.. Then again I'm seriously doubting it. I do hope the collectors win out. I would be happy to know someone who gets one. It should be called a contest. That's what it is. And who knows the future of this coin. The Congratulations Set of 2016 has the lowest mintage of 5600. But that's only a plain Eagle. If you don't get through tomorrow will you spend all your Christmas money from a retailer. I wont. Is it a gimmick? . It's the mint make up your own mind on that one. With the number of collectors and the mintage of this coin you can see the odds are against us. But try . Have a family member ready on the phone and you ready on the site. You never know. You just might be the winner. Don't bother asking the mint how sellers have already sold some in their pre-sale you will get in sorry I don't have the answer to that!!. The frustration is enormous. You feel that the mint was against you. Your wrong. It's against most of all with this one. I believe the last one to sell out of twelve minutes was the Truman Coin and Chronicles set. It has the first reverse proof of the series. So good luck tomorrow I hope we all get one. Some things I said about the mint week harsh. That's right but it's all true. That's the sad part. If they made it two per household we would have a better chance. So give it the old college try. Be the only one on your block to own the 2019 American Silver Eagle one ounce Enhanced Reverse Proof. Only 65.95. Thanks for reading and good luck. Mike

25 Oct 2019

My Favorite Underrated Coin The Nickel

Coins | Mike B

Hi everyone. Well I decided to write about my favorite underrated coin the nickel. Now I believe it's underrated some dont. Why I like this series. It has everything you want in a series of coins . Rarity for one. The 1994 P they made it I remember 166,000 of them . The 1997 Botanical Gardens they made 25,000 of those. Now if that's not good enough there both Matti coins. Another rarity. That finish gives the coins a nice blue and gold hue. A beautiful tint. The design was changed. In 2006 James Franki designed the obverse and Felix Schlag the reverse. The coin is so durable some old ones look good. And less not forget the silver nickel.. It has many varieties it has everything you could want. Don't forget the westward set. Beautiful. And all that history. These are just some of the reasons I like the series. You can still put a nice set together. They started in 1938. That's when one of my favorite coin ended in 1938. The Jefferson nickel was born. Not that the nickel before it was not bad. These are still searched out for till this day. Now I put a few examples of them with the pictures. I think this is a typical American coin. Again some don't think so. They were designed by James Earl Frasier.. Not widely know there were a few problems getting this coin made. One I remember they wanted the date relocated. It was high on the coin and they new there would be dates missing. For those of you who missed my blog on the two P&D commens here is the information. The Buffalo name was Black Diamond. Before I researched this coin I thought it came from our west. Why not. Then I found out Frazier found him in the New York Central Park Zoo. All 1550 pounds of him. Now there is one American Indian on the coin. But take the talent of Mr. Frasier he used three. Now the names I use seem to be the one although some will give an argument on this. They were Chief Iron Tail, Chief Big Tree , and Chief Two Moons.. Now if your a designer it's hard enough to get the portrait of one person on the coin. Mr. Frasier combined three people into one. I bet there is something of each one in the final design. Now this series also has many varieties. They are also sort out. Again this series still can be put together. It would take time but also a beautiful set. I guess I'm like Kepi another blogger I guess I like Buffalos like Kepi does hope you enjoyed this small blog. I would of written more but the pain says no!. Take care Mike.

11 Oct 2019

What To Do When You Finish A Set!!

Coins | Mike B

Hi everyone. Well I was going through some change and noticed a great quarter. No not a W. I went to my set in a Dansco album and looked up the date. Sure enough the one I found was better. So I switched them. Once you finish a set doesn't mean your done. Not even if there slabed.. I always look to improve my completed sets. Think of what you will have it you do that. A better set and one were the value will go up. I do it with my nickels especially the older coins. There are better ones out there. Now I put a set together called the Tokens of Coventry England. This set was done by Peter Kempson 222 years ago. It took five years. But I finished it. There all slabed and all MS. I was looking at some raw tokens and saw one. The price was right so I bought it. Now the first token is in the pictures of the set. So I sent it in sure enough it was one grade higher. You say what does one grade higher do. Well we know that one grade can mean the difference in hundreds of dollars to thousands depending on the set you have or any coin.. That's what i did. I increased the quality of the set and the value simply by buying a higher grade coin. So if you have a set of cents and change them based on quality your set could sell for more than someone elses. The way a raw coin looks in a set is very important. One bad coin can take the look of a whole page away. And when someone looks at it to buy might offer you a cheaper price based on the quality of your coins. Below is an example.if just one I have improved on. Now these come raw so you have to be sure the one your choosing is better. These are hard to find. So when I saw it I bought it and it turned out ok. Now what.? Simple you can sell the coin you replaced. So you have improved your set quality wise and value and it won't cost you anything. I have seen many complete sets on this site. Don't just close the book and put them away if you find a better quality coin switch it. One might be brown and then you come across a nice red cent. Switch it out. The same with nickels dimes what ever your collecting. . You will wind up with some of the best sets by making a few changes. Raw or slabed. So take those sets out and look over some change. It's all for the better. Try it your the one who will benefit. I hope you enjoyed this small blog and picked up some pointers. The detail in the MS 66 is much better. Mike

07 Oct 2019

2001 Commemorative Buffalo Nickel P & D

Coins | Mike B

Hi everyone. I'm writing about these two popular commens because they are simply beautiful. Now some don't know how this project was started. It was started by Senator Ben Nighthorse Cambell back in 1992. He wanted to bring back the nickel that was made by James Earl Frasier designed back in 1913 and ran till 1938. The bill failed but it was still in there minds. What could they do ? A commemorative!!. So it was decided they would proceed that way. With funds from it going to The Museum of The American Indian in Washingtonian D.C. So on October 27, 2000 it was passed.I The mint released it on June 7, 2001. Now Mr. Frasier used three Indian Chiefs to the obverse .Chief Iron Tail, Chief Big Tree and Chief Two Moons. This has been discussed back and forth over the years. But these three week to be the ones most settled on. They put In God We Trust in the two coins. This was not in the original nickle. . Mr. Frasier found the buffalo he was looking for in New York's Central Park Zoo. His name was Black Diamond and weighed 1550 pounds. Now when the mint struck these coins they increased the tonnage. They did this on the Proof and Uncirirculaded. They were rewarded with the beautiful strike you see today. It didn't take long for a well out. On June 21,2001 the month has made The announcement. The mintage for The Uncirirculaded was 227,869 and the Proof was 272,869. Now when released they sold for 54.95. Check that price today and I think you will be in for a big surprise. The weight was 26.730 they were made of silver .900. The diameter is 38mm. The two coins were made in Philadelphia and Denver. Of course I did not get through for an order but a few years ago while looking in the Red Book I saw them and said I have to have these. Well it didn't take long till I was able to buy the uncirirculaded. In was lucky the seller had know idea what he had. It took only a few weeks later till I found the proof.. It was one Of then most popular commens the mint ever put out. That's my opinion . To see the regular nickle and it's beauty and compare it to these two coins is amazing. I was lucky unlocked them up. You can get them today but you will pay a price. It depends on your budget and how bad you want them. It's a wonderful set and in have to say I enjoy them immensely. I hope you enjoyed this little blog on these two giants of our commens. Thanks for reading Mike. P.S. By the way I call them the twins!!

28 Sep 2019

2019 W Quarters

Coins | Mike B

Hi . I'm . not putting up five coins that we all know by now. I have always said there are no dumb questions in this hobby. I know I asked them all. What is a steel cent made of. Those type.of questions. The other day I came up with another or is it? Now all these quarters are grading M S. Now we have the Sheldon Scale which keeps all coins on even scale. I don't think you will get one better. This question of making it to a hundred would cause chaos in this hobby. That's not the question. Now it hit me long after this program was started. First the mint makes ten thousand of each of the 2019 America The Beautiful.. Then over a period of time released to the general public. Remember that. Released to the general public . Now some of you know I broke my hip. Wow that hurt. Surgery that night of to rehab. A little girl came buy and asked if I wanted a danish. I paid her she put the change in the bed table. I looked over there it was a 2019 W quarter of San Antino. I sent it home . Now I'm in the hospital no wh-Fi. So I loose out on early releases. It doesn't bother me. Now here is the dumb question. Remember I said released to the general public. How then are they graded all MS.? I mean not all came from bank rolls.. Some have been passed along and they look it. So who broke the scale that has worked for so long?. Has anyone seen an Almost Uncirirculaded. No one I know.. The Lowell was.Released in April. Still getting MS. Let's change the rules so they will want to look for them. Who set this up? My good friend said is willing to wait to find them. What if it takes two years in circukation. Don't get me wrong but who said make them all MS. I would like to know. It's bad for the hobby making rules as we go along. Let's see how long it takes for an A/U. I think it will take along time. Remember not in sets but from circulation. I guess any thing goes. Hopes you enjoyed my dumb question. Mike B.

18 Sep 2019

I'm Back Because of You and Coins

Coins | Mike B

My friends and all collector's. I just got home from a terrible experience. I fell and broke my hip. They did emergency surgery that night. And shipped me to a rehab. I am still in pain and now need a walker to help me. The rehab was hard and I have a long way to go. If you want to know what gave me the strength to go on when it was painful and hard when I was alone in a dark room.. It was the ANA my friends you and my coins. Yes coins was a big part in me working hard to get out of there. I had my phone and I have pictures of my coins,tokens, and medals. I would look at them and remember the history of each one. Yes this hobby can help you when your hurt. The friends the people I could not of got home without all that. Your good wishes and prayers were welcome. So now starts the hard part. Home and rehab. I will get through this because I'm a member of the ANA. I have to keep this short but if you ever get hurt. Remember this family prayers and coins will help you. Let's not forget friends. It will take time to get back in full swing. I hope you understand. But you didn't let me down and I won't let you down. These things happen in life. It's nice to know you have a whole.organization behind you. I will continue to help yn's they are the future and the stranded bearers of the hobby. I will blog again. I'm still learning. And with friends like you a simple message really helps. So I guess what I'm trying to say is there is so much that coins bring to us. They helped me in my darkest hour. They will help you. How does a.coin help. History the beauty of it. The fact that you own a piece of our history and world.history. The deal you made with a seller. I can go on and on. Now I hope your sitting down for this. While I was in the hospital a little girl was selling some small danish. Here it comes. I gave her the money she gave me change and put it on the table. One coin stood out shinny great luster. I picked it up and low.and behold a W mint San Antonio quarter. I'm still in shock. In a hospital in pain a quarter brought me new life. A reason to go on. I always check my change we don't know if we will find one or not. This will grade high. Fresh out of her bank roll. So I will sum up . Stay healthy. Put your coins on your phone. And always buy a small Danish from a young girl serving the sick. Bless you all thank you. It will take time but I will be bloging again. By the way I heard the auction was great and many received the coins the wanted It a a learning experience a fun one and thank Sam for putting it together for you. Thanks it's good to be home.

09 Aug 2019

Native American Coin And Currency Set PART TWO READ THIS

Coins | Mike B

Hi every one . I had to write this because I'm still laughing. . Most of you know I'm home bound. I can't go to shows or travel. Sounds a little like prison. But when you have a family who has stood by you since 1995 it's not prison. Now my neurosurgeons told me to get a hobby one was a collector. He said it will keep your mind it good shape but not a long time. So I had to adjust on collecting. I did and have a wonderful collection . I'm very proud of it. Now some shows I record and watch the next morning. . Now since The Coin Vault changed there policy to a hard sell and many sellers left so did i. Now I was watching it this morning from last night. Up comes my favorite set. Just kidding but I have to share this. Now they bring out the original packaging and the show is live.. I said what's going on? The coin was graded not a 70 but a 69. Bad start. They open it very slowley and show the history. All the while I'm saying show the bill please.. Well it wasn't graded like I thought. Well he opens the rest of the packaging with the note flat. I said it can't be. He lifts the packaging and the dollar looks great. Until as he's talking the note slips down. I knew it had to happen. I just laughed for an hour and played it back over and over. Just what the mint needed. On live T.V. Well they broke away from it almost immediately. Yes it was funny but I have learned who to buy from and who not. I stopped buying from the Coin Vault years ago. I watch for new items and prices. This was actually very sad. When the retailers start selling like the mint were in big trouble. They were caught. Embarrassed and I wonder if they new there was a problem. They knew the bill was outside the package and the heat from the lights didn't help what ever they stuck on it. That's my theory. Now has every one become desperate to dump these. With all the SP 70 to see a SP 69 that was the first red flag. There order from the mint was like the thousands collection's got stuck with and are refusing to do anything. A note on the return policy. Don't bother. My friend said they will put your name in for a pre- paid label but there are so many you just might not get one. I mean the mint doesn't want them back. That's sad. So whoever has a good set your lucky. The mintage was 50,000. But if you send it in you just might have a rarity. Think about it you might have one of about twenty thousand sets that made it. That's rare in my book. So if you have a good set Enjoy it I think its rare. It will fit with your collection. So all is well with you and were glad some sets worked out. But not a peep from the mint. It's like there waiting for this nightmare to end. I confess and it will go away after a while. When the magazine will have articles on why this occurs defending the mint. The Dream Team couldn't defend this. I hope you learned something. Like never judge a set by its cover. Wait a while after there released. I know I have been all over this mess but last night took the cake. Please be careful. And in defence of the mint if they weren't there I would not be writing this. They have made millions of beautiful coins and sets. This was just a disaster. It was funny to see. Take care i hope your a lucky one . Don't give up on the mint sometimes you want to then the silver proof in all that silver is what I'm talking about. It will be beautiful when I get it. This was a quality control issue I believe. .

04 Aug 2019

2019 Native American Coin And Currency Set

Coins | Mike B

Hi everyone. This will be a short blog on another mess at the mint. In July 24 the mint released this set. The price just 15.95 . It has a reverse coin with Golda Ross the first Indian to work on our space program back in 1959 on the ship the Agena. Sounds simple enough and the price.seemed ok. I said this will be good for the kids. What a mistake. Now the coin will grade a 70 . I have no idea what the bill will grade at. You see these bills are sealed in plastic and then pressure is applied so it stays put.m Well I got mine home and to my dismay they did it again. Mine is the one one the middle. The other is a picture taken from Ebay. What a mess. These bills will have crimped edges are not worth sending in. And if you try to fix it you will destroy the packaging and many be the bill. They released 50.000 sets and put a whole limit of two per house hold. The next day they lifted the household limit and said please buy as many as you can. It's still on sale. now.Ebay sellers are smart many don't show the bill. I wonder why. Some just show the outside. Some show the coin and not the bill. There are 19 on ebay. Word spread fast on this time. One is charging only 15.00 that's a dollar off as to say here's your dollar back. Now we're trying to sell as much as we can for the kids. The rocket ship not one not one Kennedy graded a 70. It's for the kids what will they know. Personally I'm disgusted with all this. How long is there quality control going to work with blind folders. They must be checking something there not checking the sets. Now I wanted to warn the kids be careful if you get one of these gems. It's a pain to send back. My son refused it can you blame him.? I would like to know how many of this large mintage set was sent back?. Am I always on the mint no. It seems that way because of all the gimmicks and junk like this. They did disrespect to everyone involved in our space program. You want to read the history it's good. Just tell them to send the packaging. Sorry kids maybe you will get lucky. Instead of just ordering you have to hope to get lucky. This sad. It's for the kids. Whose kids not mine. I can't send it back because I'm homebound. So it will sit there till some takes it apart. That's not how it's supposed to work. I want to thank the mint if anything for there consistently. Sorry guys but you should know. Be careful. Found another one that's three out of 19 the rest are mostly hidden. Sorry kids.

20 Jul 2019

To Melt Silver Coins Or Not?

Coins | Mike B

Hi eveyone. I recently watched a T.V. show I'm sure most of you have seen it. On this show they were selling one pound bags five pound bags and ten pound bags of coins to melt. American coins which we collect so you can melt them. What I don't understand is they give the Numismatic value of these coins. So a one pound bag is worth that they charge 400.00 for us valued at five thousand dollars. Does this make sense to you? They had every silver coin up there including Morgan's walking liberties. Every single silver coin that they can sell.I'm not sure on the law concerning melting but according to them it's fine. How else can they sell them.? By the way the Morgan coin they give the most of are the 1921. This is the coin there going to make again in 2021. This has been going on for decades. I can't see it. What about the person that says what a great idea doesn't know what there doing and get hurt or start a fire. These are not ment to bring to a professional. Not a pound. Buy the bars save the silver. This is done everyday and even though these coins are circulated why? Save them. Save our history. It is our history. You can fill holes in your sets. I mean not just dimes. Every silver coin. Then you have to go get this pound ,five pound ,ten pound certified. would you buy these self made bars? They have to be certified do you know what's in it? There are videos on how to do this. To see all those coins that some of us grew up with being melted made me sick. So are we collectors or smelters? Would you melt American coinage. Most of it is still with face value. You can still spend the quarters dimes halves and dollars. Why would you melt these. There legal tender. So why? Why are we doing this? Greed. That's all I can think of. They had Barber coins and I thought about people collecting these and they can't find them because there being melted. I have to say it again everyday across this country every silver coin up to and including 1964 coins Franklin's and Kennedy's melted. I have seen some very nice Morgans and coins we collect being out into these bags. To me this is upsetting. I knew it went on but at this rate your talking some coins just wiped out. Thousands and thousands everyday. That's allot of our history being made into bars. You want bars but then from the mints. They have been through all the legal certification. Then your not a collector your a stacker. You have no interest in coins. Just ten pound bars and I have seen one hundred pound bricks of silver. These come from mines. Is this the fate of the coins made today. Some are very beautiful. But the way things are going the new silver will bring a higher melt value. What are we doing? Collecting coins because there nice they have value of just to melt them into bricks. What do you think. I'm a collector not a smelter. Why do you think about your coins that you collect being melted every day. Let me know please. And if you know the law put it down. It all seems like a waste to me. Take care enjoy and collect coins. That's why we're here. Thanks Pat.

16 Jul 2019

Update On 1877 Trade Dollar

Coins | Mike B

Hi everyone. Well today was the day mankind left the earth for the surface of the moon. Did we think we could do it.? We did and we completed the greatest mission in space. But this is about an update on a coin I wrote about four months ago. All the information about it is in that blog. When I wrote it the coin was raw and I just found it in my safe. It has been there many years. So when I bought it I did get a good price. I didn't know if it was real it weighed out ok. But I did contact someone in the ANA and asked a few questions. His reply was it's so nice to see a real one. Now I believe in updating my blogs when I get new information. This coin was heavily used. I didn't know weather to send it in. So I asked he said yes I would. There rare and you should make your money back. That I don't care about. I bought it because I liked it. So after a while I decided why not. I did it the cheapest way as far as fees are concerned. So if it went to NGC. I waited and waited not knowing what to expect. Maybe a good four or better. When I received it back it was graded an XF 40. I was surprised. Shocked. Never expecting that high a grade. So I decided to write the blog in May but I also believe in any update I get for sending it away. Those who commented on the original blog plus the new members since deserved to know. Many times I have left comments I'm sure you have to. Keep us updated or when you get a picture put it up so we can see it. A picture is half a blog. You can see what the writer is talking about. As I have said many times sometimes we don't know what we have. I knew the coin. But value to me if you have read my blogs is not in the Red Book or what will it be worth in ten years. It's about collecting and the learning I get. It makes me feel good . It brought me happiness years ago and now that it's found and protected I feel very good. My sons will enjoy the money value. Meanwhile I get to enjoy it all over again. So check before you send a coin away when your not sure. Now it's home and safe I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you. Pat


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