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10 Jul 2019

Notre Dame 2013 850 Year Anniversary Coin

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Hi everyone.. On April 15,2019 we turned on our T.V. to watch a famous landmark being burned to the ground thank God it wasnt.. The Cathedral of Notre Dame. In 2013 it celebrated 850 years of serving people from all walks of life. We watched the people cry. It was sad. What we did not know is many of the possessions were being saved. They saved famous Rose windows statues ,saved relics ,paintings all they could before they had to get out. They say in six years it should be rebuilt.
The coin is 21gr 37 mm and made at the Monnaie de Paris. The mint of Paris. The mintage was ten thousand. Considering four million people a year visited the famous Cathedral. That mintage is low. To think it was started in 1163 and completed in 1345 and destroyed in one day can make you cry. The builder was a Bishop Maurice de Sully. He took one building and turned it into something magnificent. The foundation stone was set by Pope Alexander the Third.
The coin below caught my eye. It was to me and still is a beautiful coin. Others think so. Even though it's a Ten Euro the ones designed for the rebuilding are exactly the same except those were made in gold and the mintage lower. I love the gargoyles and the window with the Virgin and child.the blue enamel is a wonderful touch.It has 850 for the anniversary and the year. It's a busy coin but done very tastefully. That's what caught my eye. There is so much history I decided to keep it to a small blog. If I was to list those who visited it since 1345 there is not enough room. Never mind the artifacts. So I decided to keep it to the coin itself. A beauty in its own right. I hope you enjoyed this. I lost the first one. That's why I keep notes. Take care have a great day. Six years from now it will be a great day when they open those front doors. Enjoy Pat.

I didn't put up any pictures. I will do that in Six years.!!!



Level 4

Very nice, Pat. Once again, thanks for the history . You are awesome, Pat. God's richest blessings!


Level 6

Great history! I hope they include the gargoyles in the new Cathedral! Beautiful coin! ; )

Mike B

Level 6

Just a quick message. I have owned this coin since 2013 when it first came out. I did not just buy it. Thanks


Level 6

Great blog. I saw in the news that Mass is being celebrated there already. I'm glad you have this beautiful coin to enjoy for the six years to come, and more.. Thanks..

Just Mokie

Level 5

That is a beautiful coin, I hope they are able to restore the Cathedral to its former glory. It's fire was a tragedy for world heritage.


Level 5

Fantastic history, thanks for sharing.

Beautiful coin and wonderful story.


Level 5

Nice blog. It is nice to connect coins with current events.

It is great they are rebuilding it. Very nice coin!

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