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11 Mar 2020

Unique industry

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The numismatic and precious metal industry is a very unique and observed industry. It seems depending on which market your viewing and your perspective that it is either very complex, weird and volatile, while all this is true with it comes great satisfaction because you have built an outstanding collection that shows your intrest and be able to tell stories of our history through your coins. Maybe you have profited through investing in precious metals with your own store or trading, perhaps even an I.R.A.. Knowledge is power is the greatest phrase ever qouted and I feel it is very true in this industry. So study up, know your markets and always check your pocket change for those key dates and varieties and never stop putting back for the future.



Level 4

Lately I have been looking at 1 and 2 ounce bullion coins from Australia, British Virgin Islands etc. Some of these coins have low mintages and can be purchased for a reasonable price. I like the different topics covered on the designs. A nice coin, but also bullion at the same time. With silver price dropping, it might be a good time to purchase some silver to put away in the safe deposit box? Silver below 16 dollars today. Palladium down 500 dollars !!


Level 6

I collect some bullion coins that I find catch my eye. I especially like the 2 ounce ones. I do this with the knowledge they are bullion and only worth that price. Sadly the same goes for most SAE's.. Thanks.

Mike B

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Any one whose putting there metals in investments now has to be nuts. Until this virus goes away and the market goes up medals will go down. When the market is down metals go up. I have watched this for ten years. Now when the market is down so are the metals. The experts can't explain it. Collecting and investment are two different things. They have the money they can do as they wish. That's a nice set. The mint has done that before. But the collectors wanted them done in there original metal silver. A three coin set what beauty luster times A them as they were. Many complained but it was to late Congress passed the bill. Thanks ingenious it all. Mike

Long Beard

Level 4

The traders and buyers of precious metals as a commodity are generally unfamiliar with the numismatic end, that's to say most know little of the collectability side only the added premium over tradition bullion. They know it exists without researching the reason behind it. Likewise, those who are primarily focused on the numismatic end are more prone to pay above the average premium for similar reasoning to expand their collection . For instance, I am currently lacking the 2016 Winged Liberty gold commemorative to complete the three coin set. The Walking Liberty (1/2 oz.) set me back $822 while the Standing Liberty (1/4 oz.) $441. With gold trading around $1400 at the time this translates to around buy price on the market. Now getting back to the Winged Liberty. A 1/10th ounce, looking from a bullion perspective- not numismatic, you would be hard pressed to buy one for less than $250. Doing the math, $2500 (10 times 10 ) on a current $1635 that's well above the bullion market premium. The point to this is simple. Ask yourself why you're buying a precious metal coin. Is it the bullion value or the collectability value? More often than not they rarely equal one another. Bluntly put, ASE's will never sell near melt while in mint state no matter how high the mintage. Gold Eagles, however, a bit closer to the buyer premium of the market. Which is not say that collecting bullion in coinage form does not retain value long term, only that it must be done carefully and deliberately should that be your end goal.


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You have some goods thoughts. But I feel collecting and investing are two different things. A person should decide which one meets their needs the best. I like collecting.


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Most definatley.. I try to find a balence for the two because I love collecting. I feel like thats one of the great things about it too is that with knowledge and self control maybe a person would be able utilize both in a satifactory and we'll mannered way from both collector and investor perspectives

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