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11 Apr 2018

Hell Bank Notes

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My neighbor (who gets talked about a lot but doesn't do all my collecting) gave me 3 Chinese Hell Bank Notes. I was perplexed, for I had never heard of such a thing before. And what an odd name, I thought. After he explained what they were for, I was very interested. A few days later, The Numismatist (Issue unknown but I will find it) arrived in my mailbox with more about the shells used as well as the notes. I am interested in hearing more about these notes if anyone has information.


As with all Chinese culture it is odd to us. This tradition is very odd, but probably very fitting for Numismatists.


Level 5

There is a wikipedia page devoted to them. These are basically not intended to circulate. They are made to be used as a sacrifice at a funeral or other type service. I have a few myself. There are some neat designs.


Level 6

Learning is the best! I have no idea what Hell Notes are, but I bet you'll find out with your research! Great blog!


Level 6

After you learn about that one, you can look up the Canadian "Devils Face" notes...Learning is fun isn't it?? Thanks


Level 6

World Paper Money may help


Level 6

Agree with Mike. Do some studying and research. That what makes the hobby interesting.


Level 7

We have a saying here buy the book before the coin. Books will help you alot. Our library will send you any book you need you do have to mail it back. After you decide what your going to collect buy the book. Right now to get started the red book will help you alot in all our coinage. Mike

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