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09 May 2020

And Now For Something Completely Different

| Long Beard

Like the title implies, along with the Monty Python film of the same, this weeks blog entails the things of my youth. Bank savers. Those of us long in the tooth enough to remember what they are and what they meant. I remember my father acquiring these, particularly around the Christmas season, to fill and add to his credit union account as a means to save for my two brothers and myself.Inrealityit was my stay at home mother who would actually did the filling of these decorative cardboarddime and quarter folders while on occasion we as well could add a coin or two. There in lies the subject matter. The non-coin specific things which lead me to where I am as a collector in all things numismatic. To come full circle would be appropriate I suppose. Enjoy!

It's funny how the simple things in life bring such enjoyment. In my youth when these things were popular, saving them never crossed my mind even though I was in the early stages of whathas now becomean obsession. Not long ago, while hitting a brick wall so to speak trying to complete the Seated Liberty Dime series, I stumbled across these forgotten relics of days long behind me. Perhaps it was my graduating from the Art institute of Pittsburgh or a love of art in general that now has me looking at these in a completely different way from backwhen. While I have many, and these being much older, I believe they best represent what I mean. The detail and thought which went into these is incredible.Which is to say nothing negative about the equally beautiful and more simplified savers that I have. Despite being produced in mass quantity I am somewhat surprised thy survived in the numbers still available and not all that expensive. Had someone held on to these or were they discovered in a drawer or attic? We may never know for sure.

As I set heretapping away on the keyboard, looking out the window on an unusually cold May day, I can not help but think of todays youth beginning as I in thecoin hobby and what their future holds. Quite certain that when they reach my age these sorts of things from their own will return to bring them a renewed joy of collecting. Yet I wonder what that may be in the modern world of technology and digital finance. While these little things may never be largely collected or popular they will be here long after Ito find another care taker, each generation must havesomething whichis of their own past. For it's insignificant trinkets such as these which bring passion to coin collecting.



Level 6

These are too cool! How fun! A blast from the past! Thanks for a great blog ; )


Level 6

Good memories. Thanks. New collecting ideas are always welcome.


Level 6

I found quite a few of them for sale on Ebay, just searched under "Dime Saver", pretty cool, DID buy one and WILL fill it with Mercury Dimes for display.


Level 5

Bank items can be interesting. I have a friend that collects different coin roll wrappers . Also, bank counter checks. If a person doesn't know what a counter check is. In the "old days" banks use to have a pad of checks on the counter. They were universal checks. The bank would see who wrote the check, no bank account number was needed.


Level 5

That's a blast from the past. I can remember my grandmother doing these.


Level 5

Very nice pieces of history. I remember Christmas Club accounts at the bank. Dont remember or we just didnt have these to put coins in. Will look around at antique stores and see if I can find one. Thanks


Level 6

I don't remember seeing those when growing up in Pittsburgh, I know my Dad used to do the Christmas Club thing to save for our yearly vacations to the Atlantic Coast but those sorts of books, I don't ever remember seeing. Anyway, a very cool item and an informative blog, as always. Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

I remember these! It was really something if you could save a dime when I was young and the buying power a dime had back then. I also remember the "March of Dimes" coin boards used to collect dimes for birth defects. Fond memories for sure.


Level 7

I remember. They had metal boxes with a key . I had a christmas club and put my nickeles.and dimes in. They gave it back to you at Christmas. You have brought baxk some good memories to me thank you. And you will complete that set. I did one you can. Dont give up. Enjoy the hunt. Thanks.

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