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10 Jan 2021

New Year, New Direction

Coins-World | Long Beard

With every new year, we as collectors set goals as to how our collecting will advance and change. What we will add to the existing or something entirely new.In a year where I have read some fascinating blogs on many subjects, several of them have opened my eyes to those coins beyond the United States borders. It was the reason I began and completed the Australian Silver Wedge-tailed Silver Eagle in that year. With these things in mind, the Libertad of Mexico is that of this week's blog. Enjoy!

01 Jan 2021

Out With the Old

Coins | Long Beard

Well, here we are. Another year gone, another waiting to be recorded. When most of us look back on the year that was, with certainty COVID-19 was, and will be, remembered and associated with 2020. What will be forgotten, and perhaps even lost to history, were the many wonderful things that occurred in a year which many simply hoped would be over. So too explain why some of you may be left scratching your head as to the "many" is the topic of the week. Enjoy!

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