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24 Jul 2020

What's Next?

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Beginning in 1999 the United States Mint launched the now highly successful 10 Year Statehood Quarter Program followed on it's heel, although slightly,by the America the Beautiful Program. Despite a steady downward sales figure, both have and continue to introduce new collectors to coin collecting innumbers not seen sincebefore their introduction. With the program conclusion scheduled for February1,2021, and no planned announcement of a replacement, the direction ofthe United States Mint andpossible repercussions are this week's blog topic. Enjoy!

17 Jul 2020

How Coin Dealers Came To Be

Coins | Long Beard

If you are a follower of my weekly blogs, not long ago I covered the switch from the Large Cent to the Small Cent in 1856 and the impact this new small sized copper had on collecting as we know it. This weeks blog looks into the man who deserves credit for laying the very foundation of coin dealers and how they operate. Along with his brother, these two men pioneered the business with both foresight and true out of the box thinking. Enjoy!

10 Jul 2020

Cause and Effect

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Once again I found myself pondering on a topic for this week's blog. Not for a lack of subject matter, rather ideas of interest or education. As Ibegan scrolling through a few online forums and seeing postings related to the COVID-19 pandemic, from how it is affecting coin shows and sales to what collectors are doing with their time stuck at home while under a mandate, this seems like an interesting topic to discuss for the week. Enjoy!

03 Jul 2020

Master of the Grand Illusion

Paper Money-U.S. | Long Beard

As we as nation approach the 244th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence I thought of a subject which seemed appropriate and connected to the words written on those cherished sheets of paper. As I looked at thefifty-six names on the bottom for inspiration, several names suddenly became linked to the creation of our financial system. Three of whichrepresented on our coinage, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington on the two current coins and BenjaminFranklin on the former half dollar. In an instant the latter became the subject of research for this weeks topic and wow, what a fascinating brilliantindividual Franklin was. One would think, as I had, that it be about the half dollar or his connection to the Continental Dollar, it is not. Enjoy!

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