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29 Aug 2021


Coins | Long Beard

As most of you might agree this summer, and two-thirds of the year, has passed quickly with winter seemingly on the immediate horizon. With that, trying to make preparations as a homeowner with property cuts into an already short supply of time. Like most, the blog posts become farther between and often shorter. With the previous week being a rainy one, time was available to write another interesting blog. However, digging deeper into the research time is again a constraint pushing it back to perhaps next week. So as I scrolled through my messages another topic arose. Libraries. Enjoy!

14 Aug 2021

Now We Know.

| Long Beard

I tried to post this simple article I happened upon on the forum page but encountered three errors in displaying the text. So here is a simple yet short blog which sums up the frustrations felt by we the collector concerning the United States Mint. Enjoy!

05 Aug 2021

A Hoax and a Crime

Coins-United States | Long Beard

With the Sotheby's June auction selling of the 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle making news, as a direct result the subject of ownership and the fate of those few remaining specimens once again rises for debate in the publications and many forums. While not a new subject by any stretch, having been discussed going back to sometime shortly after 1933, with the United States government legalizing a single example in 1996 has without doubt been the most celebrated and discussed coin. For ever linked with it is President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order 1602. What's interesting on the subject, nearly all are mere highlights of the Executive Order rather than an examination. As you have most likely thought, this is the subject of the week. Not only the actions taken by President Roosevelt, but what lead up to it and the effects it has created on all coinage dated after 1935. Enjoy!

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