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28 Feb 2020

Liberty Walking Half Dollar

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This weeks blog subject entails another timeless masterpiece equal to that discussed in the previous week. The Liberty Walking half dollar. Struck from 1916 through 1947 and relatively easy to complete in circulated grades, it leaves little doubt as to it's enduring popularity. Just as it could be argued about the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle being the most beautiful of all U.S. coins, Adolph Weinman's design for the half speaks the same for silver coinage. Why else would it have been chosen for the American Silver Eagle obverse beginning in 1986?

The provided images are of a 1916 pattern, Judd-1992. Note the placement of LIBERTY on the obverse. Also, on the reverse, HALF DOLLAR and the location of the motto. Through a bit of research, or perhaps dumb luck on my part, I stumbled across another of his earlier works which is very similar to the accepted reverse eagle design. That would be the 1907 medalcommissionedby the American Institute of Architecture also pictured. An award still given annually to this day. With all of the revisions made before the first coins were struck, it is easy to see how simple placement or modifications make or break a great design.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I did in writing it.Start a collection if you have not as these look spectacular assembled as a group. I began one of my ownthis year.



Level 5

One of the best designs in the history of American coinage. It really stresses the history and passion of this nation.

gotta say, I kind of have a bias towards this subject, lol! Have you read Q. David Bowers guide book on them? (it also covers mercury dimes and standing lib quarters). BTW, if you can find one, you should totally try to get at least one Full Details walker -- its an amazing piece to look at! Go Weinman!


Level 5

Thanks for sharing. He was without a doubt one of the best.


Level 5

Weinman did great work on this coin and the Winged Liberty Dime.


Level 6

Great blog. Very interesting subject. I like the ideas here. That medal is spectacular. Thanks


Level 7

I would agree but the mint is not going to make a set for us!!. They will make there sets . Great idea. And a good blog Sir


Level 5

Beautiful medal. I have never seen this medal before. Thanks for the post.


Level 6

Always fascinating to see the near designs of our nations coinage. The standing Liberty Quarter and Mercury Dime also have beautiful prototype designs that are very close to the final product. Maybe that would be a fun thing for the mint to do, a type set of near-released minor coins. Thanks for sharing your beautiful near-Walker and associated medal.

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