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01 Jan 2021

Out With the Old

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Well, here we are. Another year gone, another waiting to be recorded. When most of us look back on the year that was, with certainty COVID-19 was, and will be, remembered and associated with 2020. What will be forgotten, and perhaps even lost to history, were the many wonderful things that occurred in a year which many simply hoped would be over. So too explain why some of you may be left scratching your head as to the "many" is the topic of the week. Enjoy!

2020 will be remember, from the writer's perspective, as the year of meeting so many like minded, passionate and giving individuals exhibiting these and many other qualities not only of numismatics but their life stories, if you will, as evident within the many blogs. Joining the American Numismatic Association for the first time this year has taught me that valuable lesson, that numismatics, or coin collecting if you prefer, is merely a common link binding individuals as one.

One of the greatest things for the hobby not seen in nearly a decade also occurred in the previous year. Coin collecting and club memberships have risen drastically in twelve short months. Younger collectors in particular. To this end, my hope not only for the present year upon us but beyond is that this budding group continue down the path they have taken. The many contributions, fresh ideas and perspectives they have and will make only strengthen the foundation of a house the elders have erected.

2020 is also a year that witnessed the United States Mint set a record for the most low mintage products which reached near instant sellout status. Stopping short of labeling them rare as the word is vague at best and left to personal interpretation, there were eight in total. Two American Eagles, the silver and gold 75th End of World War II, the silver and gold 75th End of WWII medals, and four different Mayflower issues. Offerings which are currently multiples over issue price. Further proving these made for a good year to a limited number of individuals irregardless of which side they were on, buyer or seller.

With many others left unmentioned due to space constraints, I leave you with one of my personal accomplishments to happen the previous year. The first completion of an entire series in perfect grade, the Australian Wedge-tailed Silver Eagles as pictured. The other Mercanti created Silver bullion.



Level 5

Thats a solid set, LB! I appreciate your encouraging words as we proceed into the new year! Let us all focus on the good we receive, and always work to pay it forward for others to enjoy. Thank you!


Level 4

Good stuff. As we crave social interactions in real life many have connected via mutual interests in preparation for that :-) That jerk of a virus has of course caused humanity to also behave in some very human, loving, supportive, and connected ways. Happy New Year!!!

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Very well said!! I am also new to the ANA...joining last year. I think so highly of this organization that I also signed my son up also. I love the camaraderie here.


Level 5

The feelings you have for the fellow enthusiasts that frequent this blog are mutual. Certainly, one of my year's highlights is having you join the ranks of those who frequent the ANA member blog. I look forward to many more years of reading your enjoyable and insightful blog posts.


Level 5

That is an incredible accomplishment, especially all in Perfect Grade! I also joined the ANA the last week of March 2020, it has opened a new world to me. Where once I was alone and without much knowledge and little if any support, I now find myself with as my grandfather would say "a whole mess of folks" to talk and learn from. No active club yet, that will come with time and Covid issues lessening, God willing and the Creeks don't rise. Overall 2020 has been good to me, thanks for this heartening post and congratulations again on your accomplishment.


Level 6

Beautiful series of coins. You can't keep Mercanti own. I like your attitude. Might as well make the best of it. Thanks.


Level 5

Thanks for the good words.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You are quite right. Its up to the individual to make of adversity what they will and find the good and opportunities to overcome and make it better. Wonderful collection! Congratulations on completing a beautiful coin series!


Level 5

I also joined the ANA in 2020, and it has been very helpful during covid and quarantine. Thanks for the update, stay safe!


Level 6

2020 was an interesting year for us collectors and perhaps, possibly, a learning experience for the Mint in terms of how they intend to conduct their business. Will they continue down the path of creating faux rarity or will they decide to be more sensitive to the collector community and allow for production to generally equal demand.


Level 5

Wedged Tailed Eagles are really nice coins. Like all the Australia coins. I have a few Australia silver bullion coins. Hoping 2021 is a year of recovery from last year. Still need to stay healthy and hope for great improvement. Hoping that we will see positive news and improvements going forward, that come Spring we will feel somewhat safer.


Level 7

I have to say we hope it won't get worse. This mutation of the virus has me worried. Besides that I think we all know what to do to stop that also!! Here to 2021!!

Let's hope 2021 is better. Hopefully major shows will happen in the summer (including Summer Seminar) and we can start meeting face-to-face again.

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