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07 Jan 2017

American Revenue Association Medal - Liberty Cap Design

Exonumia | Well worn Copper

Pictured is a bronze exhibit medal from the American Revenue Association. The ARA was established in 1947 and is an extension of stamp collecting. Members collect tax stamps, railroad stamps, and just about anything regarded non-postal. The medals go to exhibitors and are typically uniface. The Liberty Head with Cap is reminisant of the early Large Cents of 1793-1796. Sometimes these come on eBay for around $10-20. Makes a nice display item.



Level 5

was not aware of this organization. sounds very interesting. thanks


Level 6

Nice medal. This would be a great "go-with" for a specialist in early coppers.


Level 5

Revenue Collectors and Coin Collectors share a couple of collecting niches. Both groups have an interest in Sales Tax Tokens and In WWII OPA Ration Tokens.


Level 7

Very nice and something I learned today thanks for the info and picture.


Level 6

It is amazing how a person can put together a display on one item or few. It is all about the information.

That's an interesting medal! I'm not really interested in stamps, but I might consider picking up a few medals if I like them and the price is right. Thanks again for sharing!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

nice medal, there are so many out there

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