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10 Nov 2019

Circulated Wear on Statehood Quarters

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Since I've collected all the Statehood Quarters long ago, I still enjoy looking for them in pocket change, only this time around its for their wear patterns. Particularly, which issues exhibit more wear than others, and where. Earlier issues (1999-2001) naturally show more wear after being in circulation for nearly 20 years now. Figures show a lot of loss (Caesar Rodney on horseback on the Delaware issue, and nearly everyone in the boat on the 1999 New Jersey, as well as the Wright brothers in the 2001 North Carolina ). Textured surfaces also flatten out, as with the buffalo on the 2005 Kansas or the bird on the 2007 Idaho. I haven't found a worn out 2007 Wyoming yet though. Its interesting seeing them still used in commerce after all this time, and probably everyone who desires a complete uncirculated set will have no trouble finding one in the future. God knows they've done their job and have welcomed multitudes of new collectors. I think I started doing this way back with the 1976 Bicentennial quarters, and are always amazed to still find them, as well as how they have worn. In the end finding them still makes my day and like a good fisherman, I'm happy to release my catch back into the stream.


It's Mokie

Level 6

Even the wear on pre statehood clad Washington Quarters is interesting. it's surprising how many 1965 quarters are in circulation but definitely showing their 50 plus years in commerce. The Bicentennial Quarters have held out well, maybe because they were initially hoarded but now slowly trickling back into circulation after many years in the jelly jar.


Level 4

I've got the whole set of them 2x. They are a fun series to collect. I bet whitman has made millions off of selling their state quarter folders.


Level 6

I enjoy studying the wear on circulated Lincoln cents as I rolls search. It is one of the things I like about the hunt. Much can be learned just looking..Thanks. Well done.


Level 4

I love "circulation cameos". Those are at their essence just coins that got dirty and/or toned and the color has worn from the highpoints. Beyond the classic coins with this look, I love moderns. I have noticed that the state quarters really do lend themselves to picking up a nice circulation cameo rather quickly sometimes.

"Circulation cameos", I like that.


Level 7

I still find them in change. Some are in good shape. My son went and collected them on the map that came out. It got a lot of people involved in collecting.

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