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25 Jun 2021

Crazy Money for Continental Currency at a JFK Auction

| Well worn Copper

Last week I picked up a copy of a 2005 auction catalog by Sotheby's. The catalog, titled "Property from Kennedy Family Homes," included household items from JFK's homes in Hyannis Port and Martha's Vineyard, amongst others. It included trivial everyday items like drinking glasses to contemporary sofa's. Among the listings was lot number 276, "a collection of four currency notes." The 4 notes were Continental Currency in average circulated condition. Two of the notes were cancelled. They had no provenance and been put in a frame. The pre-sale estimate was $300-500, but amazingly the hammer fell at $4,500! It's astounding to see what something went for just because it hung on a wall somewhere in one of JFK's homes. This was the sole numismatic lot in the entire catalog, so surely JFK was not a closet numismatist. I'm surprised they didn't dig into the sofa cushions to find pocket change and try to sell that too. Stuff like this may sell on Park Avenue, but good luck getting your $4,500 back in your local coin shop.



Level 6

It's amazing what people will buy and collect. Interesting story on those notes. ; )


Level 7

It might of been passed down. I love those notes!!.


Level 6

Imagine what those would go for now? Thanks.


Level 5

Must of been a bidding war. Interesting item.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Interesting, thanks for letting us know.

Long Beard

Level 5

Continental script has been rising lately, so it doesn't surprise me. The person who purchased it will most likely have it graded with the John Fitzgerald Kennedy provenance attached.

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