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03 Jul 2021

Freaks & Errors DVD: Stamp Collecting Today, and Yesterday.

| Well worn Copper

Back when I was growing up, stamp collecting had always been considered something of a "sister' to coin collecting. You could go into a hobby shop and find coins and stamps being sold next to each other. While stamp collecting has dramatically decreased, it still has it's enthusiast's. "Freaks & Errors, A Rare Collection," is all about those who have chosen to remain stamp collectors in the long run. You are introduced to major dealers. You also meet major collectors, such as the Louis Eliasberg of stamp collecting, who has the only complete set of U.S. postage stamps. There are great auction tales, and the guy who once bought a $150,000 stamp and hid it from his wife (I can relate to that). Most importantly it's about the love and history of collecting something that not everyone understands, and how it has enriched their lives. As a numismatist, I understand where these men (and women) are coming from. If someone ever produces a film like this about coin collecting, I hope they treat it with the same respect that was done here. Collectors of all sorts would probably find this documentary very enjoyable. It runs 95 minutes, and was released in 2017. As one collector succulently put it, "You don't go to a stamp show just to buy stuff. You go to meet other collectors." Well said.


I've never gotten into stamp collecting.

Al Raddi

Level 4

This is not a very good film - poorly edited, unfocused and with a disturbing score. However, it describes the collector personality very well. As you watch what is a mish-mash of a movie, you'll be saying: "Yes, that's exactly what collecting anything feels like."


Level 7

Never got into stamps. There is a long reason for that. I bet it's interesting and just as fun as coins. Thanks for the information!!


Level 6

Cool! I've collected some stamps as well. Especially themed stamps...for me Buffalo's, Dogs, Flowers... Whatever I find cool! ; )


Level 5

I have a few stamps that I accumulated. First day covers that just happened to come my way, or from attending an event. The DVD sounds like a good one to watch.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I used to have a rather large stamp collection and would go to the Post Office each year to pick up the latest sets of stamps. Still have some of them but I opted to concentrate on coins because they are definitely more durable. (: Sounds like a wonderful documentary kind of like the documentary Trekkies, a love letter to the fandom/collector


Level 6

I too started out collecting stamps. I was lucky in that both sets of grandparents were not born here. That lead to many foreign stamps turned over to little Longstrider. Then, Happy Day, both Grandpas started giving me Morgan Dollars as presents. How cool is that. Somewhere, at some time, I was given a Peace Dollar. Now I am a big Peace Dollar VAM guy. I still find stamps interesting and do save, I don't know why, what I feel are cool ones. Collectors have to collect, I reckon. Thanks.

Long Beard

Level 5

Yet another blog from a fresh perspective. I still have those I collected as a youngster, which if memory servers me correctly began just before coinage. The latter taking on more of an interest I put them off sometime in the early 1980's only to all but forget about them. Thanks for this blog, for reminding me, now to renew what was forgotten.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

It's interesting how numismatics has managed to maintain a more active place in the domain of hobbies as opposed to philetily. I was started in stamp collecting about the same time as collecting coins. Still have that stamp album but I'm just not that interested.

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