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06 Jan 2017

Slabbed 1895 Superintendent Medal

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Attached are photos of a 1895 Herman Kretz Mint Superintendent medal struck by the U.S. Mint. The three inch copper medal has been slabbed MS63 BN by NGC in an oversized holder. I love the patina of the piece as well as its history. Only 151 medals were said to be struck and while the Superintendent series is brief (only five different superintendent medals were ever struck) the medals remain impressive. The NGC slab is about the size of a 5x7 photo frame and always is the subject of interest when displayed. Sometimes you just gotta go big....



Level 6

Beautiful. Medals are lovely & so worth collecting. Really show the sculptor's talent. I wonder who designed/sculpted that medal.


Level 7

That's a medal. I would do what I would have to to get it. Legally of course. I do have a coin in a holder that big it really adds to it. I didn't know what oversize holder mention I received the package. No more. Thanks very interesting.mike


Level 5

another great piece of history. congratulations on finding it.

Unfortunately, NGC has yet to include Superintendent medals in their Medal Census. Would love to see just how many are out there and what grades they are.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is just enormous


Level 6

Just awesome collection you have shared with us. I might have to start looking at medals now. Thanks for the blogs and photos!


Level 6

I believe medals are great to have in any collection.


Level 5

Love the medal. That is something I would have to buy if I saw it on a dealer's table. Not a big fan of those over sized holders but what can you do. I wish they had a size in between those. Awesome medal, thanks for sharing.

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