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30 Nov 2018

What is it?

| Well worn Copper

Recently purchased this coin (?) on a whim and it has really stumped me. Can't find out anything about it anywhere.  It is the same diameter of a cent. Any information, leads, speculation, or outright guesses would be truly appreciated. The seller didn't know anything about it either. By the way, I purchased it for one dollar. I suppose sooner or later every collector buys something they know absolutely nothing about, in the hopes of finding out everything, and this is one of those times......


I agree with the French attribution, primarily on the style and the presence of a rooster. I don't think it is a pattern or even an award medal, as there is no space for names, sponsoring organizations, etc. It could be a jeton or spielmark, a kind of gaming token. A really pretty piece and nice in any collection just for the sake of its artwork.

I agree with your jet on theory, thanks.

Mike B

Level 6

Take it i a dealer he will do a simple scratch test one came with my scale. Biting them like in the western movies was to see how soft it was it is but also very heavy. I never heard of this smell test I hope you have luck it might be white metal. A lot of tokens were made of white metal. Get lucky my friend I'm pulling for you. Mike


Level 6

Maybe a store issued it as a premium?

Thanks to all the inquiries. I did find something out with all of this however: I got to wondering if it was perhaps gold. So I checked out ways to determine if something was gold or not. A very simple test is to rub the coin between your fingers and then smell your fingers. If they have a strange smell to them it is not gold. Apparently gold has no smell! I then rubbed a bullion gold piece between my fingers, and lo and behold, it had absolutely no smell! Awesome stuff to remember in the future!


Level 6

I don't really know what it is? But for a dollar I think you got a great deal! It's really cool! Is the coin silver and gold tones?


Level 5

I agree with Longstrider, looks to be a Piece de Caprice, worth owning for the novelty at a very reasonable one dollar.


Level 6

I would say that is a fantasy piece.It lacks any writing or dates. Just a guess. Pretty though. Is it gold or silver color? Thanks

Mike B

Level 6

I'm sorry I hope someone knows. Is that a gold coin? It has the same square in the center I would go to a dealer and maybe they will know lots of luck. Mike.

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