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24 Sep 2020

The Fifty States of Coinage- Trivia Quiz Part 1

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Hello folks. Today, I will test some fun numismatic knowledge from the previous 10 Fifty States of coinage. Please respond in the chat with the answer and the state that covered the answer. To make things easier, I have created a tag. So, are you ready? Winner receive bragging rights (Until the next ten comes up).

1) Which company where the original owners of the Denver Mint? What coins did they strike? What was odd about some of them?

2) Which mint struck Spanish Reales and Cobs for use in Florida?

3) Which agriculture valley were monetary "bangles" used in?

4) Which commemorative coin featured the only non-rectangular coin made by the US?

5) Which religious group made coins? What was featured on them? What was the name for Utah?

6) Which commemorative half features governor William Wyatt Bibb?

7) Who designed the 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar?

8) What was the Kalmar Nickel?

9) Who were the four men who suggested a copper coinage in Connecticut?

10) Which state has commemorative coins who have people on the Reverse?

BONUS: Which three songs are mentioned at the beginning of some of the posts?




Level 6

Awaiting the answers... ; )


Level 5

I know 5... Its the Mormons (i only know bc i am one) Utah is called the beehive state (i know bc I live there) and I believe a handshake is on the obverse, and the reverse is the all-seeing eye wearing the Phrygian cap?


Level 4

Neat quiz. Tough questions for me. I look forward to the answers.

No.7 Gutzon Borglum


Level 5

I will have to google all the answers. When do you post the answers. I like the learning part . I need to learn more to answers these.


Level 5

Ok , should I google or just wait until I have all the answers? :-))


Level 5

Try not to google.


Level 6

A test?? Hmmmm.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I misnumbered, I Meant Pan American for #4


Level 7

Number Two the Mexico mint. Oldest working mint in the western hemisphere. What coins were made at Denver. ? Mostly cents but other business strikes.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

6. Pan American 5. Morman's One of the songs was by Charlie Daniels Devil Went Down to Ga.


Level 5

No 5) Mormons No 6) Alabama

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