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29 Sep 2020

The Fifty States of Coinage- Trivia Quiz Part 1 Answers

| coinfodder

Hello. Here are the answers to last weeks trivia.

1. Clark, Gruber, Co were the original owners of the Denver Mint. They struck private gold coins. The odd thing was the way they struck Pike's Peak (Colorado)

2. Mexico City (Florida)

3. Mantuska Valley (Alaska)

4. San Francisco Pan-American Exposition $50 Gold Coin (California)

5. Mormons, Deseret, Beehives (Arizona)

6. Alabama Half (Alabama)

7. Gutzon Borglum (Georgia)

8. The first ship to reach Delaware (Delaware)

9.Samuel Bishop, Joseph Hopkins, James Hillhouse, and John Goodrich (Connecticut)

10. Arkansas (Arkansas)



Level 4

Thanks for the answers. That was fun.


Level 7

I think I had two!!


Level 5

nice follow up


Level 3

I believe I only got one correct, but still, nice quiz! I'll have to research some of the answers in more detail so I can understand them better :)


Level 6

Very cool! Thanks for the results ; )


Level 5

Don't believe I had any answers. Would need to google search for them. Next time I will be ready. I enjoy the answers more than the questions since I don't know mamy answers.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for a fun exercise to keep us on our toes!

Got #7 right, did not get beehives. Thanks for putting this together coin fodder!


Level 5

Hehe, I was sorta close XD. Loved it... nice work! Cheers, NumisMaster


Level 6



Level 4

How close did you get?

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