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28 Aug 2015

The 1964 Peace Dollar

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The 1964 Peace Dollar is a mysterious coin. 1964 Peace Dollars were minted in an amount of over 300,000 but then were melted due to request by Congress. It is unknown if any survive today. The history of this dollar is confusing and uncertain.

On May 12, 1965, the Denver Mint made over 300,000 1964 Peace Dollars as a trial for the design, which they were planning to resume. The Denver Mint, headed by Eva Adams, melted the coins upon request from the White House. They wanted to melt them because they were intending to circulate them in the west, which was lacking silver dollars. Instead, their low mintage would make it so they would never circulate, and instead become collectables. The Mint decided to melt the coins and then weigh them instead of counting each coin individually, because 316,076 coins the size of a Peace Dollar are not easy to count. Before this order to melt the coinage occurred, Mint employees were allowed to trade a new Peace Dollar for the equal amount. The employees were ordered to return them, however, but they may have submitted an earlier dollar for melting in order to fool the scale weighing the amount of melted coins.

There are a few cases of 1964 Peace Dollars being reported. One is by the Mint, where they stated in their records that two 1964 Peace Dollars had been found, and melted, in 1970. Another is a rumor that a coin dealer was offered a few 1964 Peace Dollars. At approximately the same time, the government stated to the public that it would not be legal to own a 1964 Peace Dollar. The seller never responded to the dealer, but the dealer believes that he did, in fact, own a few of them.

Many copies of the 1964 Peace Dollar have been made. They are usually good copies, and they are not marked with the word ‘Copy’. They are called Fantasy Peace Dollars, though they are actually counterfeit unless marked. If you believe you have found a 1964 Peace Dollar, chances are, it is ‘Fantasy’, and even if it is genuine, it is illegal to own.

The 1964 Peace Dollar is a coin with a story. It is illegal to own, may have been smuggled from the Mint by employees, and is commonly duplicated. It is the kind of coin every numismatist wishes they could legally own, along with the 1933 Double Eagle.




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Level 7

That's not worth a n y thing. They came across it by accident. I hope it stays that way to.. Thanks for your information.mike


Level 6

What a good story! Can you imagine finding one! : ) mums the word, that's for sure...haha


Level 6

Some day one, a real one, will turn up. On second thought the way the mint operates if someone finds one, keep your mouth shut.


Level 5

Quite a story! Keep them coming.

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