Kevin Leab's Blog

19 Feb 2021

Pioneers in Numismatic Publications

| Kevin Leab

Have you ever grabbed your "Red Book" or "Blue Book" to check information about a coin or series that you wanted to collect? Or maybe you were curious about what your coin was worth? You can thank this man, Richard S Yeoman for that book. Mr Yeoman (1904-1988) was one of the pioneers in our hobby who published price value guides for us collectors to use for years to come.....and has become a collectible in itself. Mr Yeoman started out as a commercial artist and a coin collector like the rest of us.....He started working for Whitman Publishing Co. In 1932 developing coin "boards" for collectors....youngsters and adults alike suddenly took on the challenge of filling every hole in the board....eventually the boards developed into the thin coin folders that we know today... Imagine being a kid in the 1940s and being a coin collector, armed with one of Yeomans coin boards and a roll of wheat cents from the bank, lying on your bedroom floor searching that roll and filling those holes. ...what fun that must have been. Yeoman went on to win the Farran Zerbe Award in 1956, the highest honor given from the ANA.. RS Yeoman then retired in 1970 with Mr Kenneth Bressett taking over as Editor of the Guide Book of United States Coins and the Handbook of United States Coins.. How fortunate we are to have this man so dedicated to our "hobby" and give so much of his life.

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