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17 Dec 2020

Foo-Foo Coin, Hey it was "PURDY"!!!

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Today is my Spousal Unit’s birthday, and Methuselah finally has competition! Lol, my awesome wife has never been a jewelry gal, nor is she a “keep up the Jones” kind of gal. Neither of us are big Gold folks, let me tell you, shopping for her can be daunting to say the least. Enter one legged man stage right, he likes things that are different, pocket book won’t support “One of a Kind” things, but unusual or different is just right! I was perusing the Canadian Mint Site out of boredom more than anything else and it jumped off the computer screen at me….2020 December Birthstone, mintage 5000, 99.9% Silver, Reverse Proof finish, weight; 7.96 g, diameter; 27mm, edge; serrated, Face Value; 5 Dollars, Serialized Certificate, with a Free Floating Frame, (extra), well worth it.

23 Aug 2020

French Protectorate Coinage

Coins-World | Stumpy

My Dad was in North Africa and Italy with a B-24 Bomb Group during WWII, he found and sent a few things home to his Dad in Alabama. Growing up, my Dad and Granddad would sometimes pull out the “ole stuff” and tell some interesting story behind it. This coin is and always has been one of my favorites. Memories alone make this coin priceless to me. This is my first attempt to share some of my love for older US and World coins, I hope I do it justice.

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