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30 Nov 2020

searching multi decade circulation coins

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I went through coins that had a silver dime and 12 wheat pennies and lots of red copper to collect the oldest coin was a 1936 wheat penny in very fine condition. The silver dime was a 1964 Denver dime. It took a long time to go through, but it was fun.



Level 6

Coin searching is the best! Great fun, especially when you find something good! Good luck!


Level 4

Thanks for the blog and keep hunting! :)


Level 5

Bought a jar of pennies at a yard sale, only found half a dozen good coins, but a bunch of neat ones. Always nice to be on the hunt. Thanks for your blog.


Level 5

I used to roll search when I was young. Found all kinds of wheat cents and war nickels. Just search my change now. But might try roll searching again next year. Always fun to find a silver coin in change.


Level 6

I'm a huge fan of roll searching. I get a box of cents and have fun.

Mike B

Level 7

You never know what you will find. They say the fun is in the hunt. Keep up the good work keep us in the loop!!


Level 5

Always fun to go through a mini-hoard and find some treasures. I just ordered a pound of foreign coins, hoping I find some interesting countries.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like you came out pretty good! I spent part of the weekend going through Indian Head cents and Buffalo Nickels, separating them out by decade. I had 400 coins to go through


Level 5

Searching rolls of coins can be entertaining.

Time and time again a local grocery store gifts me with a silver dime. Must be an old-timer spending them, but I appreciate the surprise now and again. Thanks!


Level 4

Cool! Make sure you take every chance you have to do some hunting, because not many of us get a chance to during this coin shortage.


Level 5

Sounds like an enjoyable experience! I recently went through a rubbermaid bin full of pre-1982 copper pennies to try and find a 1970-s small date. I only came out with two of them, but it was very enjoyable. So I feel you there! Thanks for sharing! Those are some very nice coins! I look forward to the next one! Cheers, NM

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