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05 Aug 2021

Key Dates: The Spice Of Coin Collecting

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

Key dates. Love them or hate them, they'll always be there. In this blog, I will explain what key dates are, and what the key dates for most sets are.

Key dates are that one coin in the set that is the most expensive for one reason or another. For example, in the Lincoln Head Cent set, the key date is the 1909-S VDB. The reason is, besides the low mintage of half a million, that not a lot were saved. The result being that high grade examples are scarce, and even low grade examples are worth a few hundred dollars.

Here are the key dates for each set:

Lincoln Head Cents: 1909-S VDB

Indian Head Cents: 1877

Jefferson Nickels: 1950-D

Buffalo Nickels: 1913-S Var. 2

Liberty Head Nickels: 1885

Roosevelt Dimes: 1982 No Mintmark

Mercury Dimes: 1916-D

Barber Dime: 1894-S

Washington Quarters: 1932-S

Standing Liberty Quarters: 1916

Barber Quarters: 1901-S

Kennedy Half Dollars: 1964

Ben Franklin Half Dollars: 1949-S

Walking Liberty Half Dollars: 1921-D

Peace Dollars: 1921

Morgan Dollars: 1893-S

Thanks for reading the blog on key dates, and have a good weekend!

Keep collecting,




Level 6

Interesting info! I love my 1916-D Mercury Dime! ; )


Level 3

Thanks for the information! I don't like key dates :(


Level 4

I do if it means a cheap set like Kennedy Half’s!

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