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08 Feb 2022

Pocket Change Errors Part Two!

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Hello YNs and YNH!

Here's some more pocket change errors for you to look for! I should note that I have personally found each if these errors myself, so I know they are out there!

Pic #1 is a missing FG lincoln cent. I found out about this error from "Strike It Rich With Pocket Change". At the bottom right corner of a Lincoln Cent, next to the tip of the Lincoln Memorial, there are usually an FG, which is the innitials of Frank Gasparro, who designed the Memorial reverse. The obverse, and the memorial's predecesor, the wheat reverse, were designed by Victor David Brenner. The cause of the missing version is not determined as of today, but is most likley a filled die. SIRWPC lists the most common date it is found in (1969), although I have found other dates in the 60s that have the same missing FG. The Fivaz-Stanton number for this variety is FS-901.

Pic #2 is a missing edge lettering James E. Polk Presidential Dollar. This error is known to happen on most circulation issue Presidential dollars, as well as the Native American series. Some select dates in the NIFC (Not Intended For Circulation) Presidential Dollar catagory are known, however not all dates in the NIFC series are know with this missing edge lettering error. The Fivaz-Stanton number is FS-701.

Pic #3 is a BIE cent. BIE cents happen when a die chip occurs, and the chip fills the gap between the "B" and "E" of "LIBERTY". It is very common on wheat cents from the fourties and fifties. I say this is a pocket change error because I have found BIE cents in ever circulationg decade after the wheat cent up to the 2020s. There are verying degrees of die chip on BIE cents, but the price will depend on the date, and the severity of the chip.

Keep collecting,



Level 7

I have a whole roll of 1964 cents with no FG.Not a single coin. Never did anything with them. Sharp eyes my friend. Mine are red . Just decide to go over my cents from the 1960's. I never expected Ted a doll. Stranger things have happened. Thanks good read. Enjoyed it!!

AC coin$

Level 6

Interesting findings. Good blog. You certainly have keen eyes.


Level 5

Nice blog!


Level 5

Those are some cool errors! I will be sure to look for them. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Very cool! Really nice find! Congrats! ; )


Level 6

I found that missing FG initials coin myself. I was so happy I even sent it into ANACS to be slabbed. Now it has been determined to be grease filled and no longer a proper error. I was robbed. Good luck. I still am proud of myself.

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