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03 Apr 2019

Preserving the "W" Mint Marked Cent in the 2019 Proof Set

Coins-United States | user_95876

The current year's proof set contains a "bonus", a "W" mint-marked cent. This cent is packaged separately in a poly bag with a mint generated label. My question is what is the best way to preserve this piece as part of the set. Not only is a soft poly bag likely to have various polymers which will attack the coin, the thin copper plating applied over today's zinc cents is already becoming notorious for the speed in which it breaks down and corrodes.That said, what is the best way to preserve this coin and its mint-issued poly bag? Some sort of slab with the coin removed but the poly bag protected? Or just trash the bag and slab the coin? But what about the corrosion problem of the newer cents? Is a slab the answer or something else?Suggestions appreciated.Dave

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