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24 Mar 2017

First Post


I just signed up to an ANA membership, now I can be a page at the World's Fair of Money!



Level 5

Welcome to the ANA. Great aspirations to work at such a great coin show.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That sounds awesome. now will you please go get me my coffee? {{{ducks}}} That's a joke, great job! You will have much fun!


Level 6

Great decision! Make the most of your time as a page. You have some good advice in the other comments. Good luck!

Congratulations! What do you think you'll be doing as a page?


Level 6

Welcome to the ANA! It's a great organization and there's so much to do and learn! Have fun and enjoy yourself!


Level 6

Sounds like an exciting time. Welcome to the organization.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

good luck as well


Level 7

Good for you. Now you can see the show and make money. Good idea.


Level 5

Well, I hope you find being a page exciting and rewarding. If you want to make lots of tip money, think about how to give great customer service. Have a spiral notebook and a couple of pens to write down requests. Go to the snack bar and ask for a menu/price sheet or write the prices down yourself. Then you will know the answer to "What can you get me for lunch?" Ask the dealers for follow-up business. If the dealer don't need your assistance now, how can he get you later? I have seen well prepared pages make more than $200 per day. I have seen other pages only make $50 at the show because they were not well prepared. Good Luck!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is really helpful information thanks for sharing

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