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21 Apr 2017

Coin Grading

Coins-United States | user_9939

Hello everyone,

I'm new in the hobby and currently enrolled on the Diploma Program. I'm trying to grade these coins and I would like to know how that "black" rim around the coin as well as the yellowish tone will afect the grade. 



Level 5

Hard to tell from the pictures. Pretty much agree with the other feedback received. Appearance to an individual determines price / value not grade.


Level 6

Looks like you have some good answers here. I took those classes. I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of the mentor part of the deal. I was lucky enough to get Bill Fivaz. He was very helpful. I also recommend you fight for an answer that you had scored as incorrect. I personally had a couple turned over with a good coherent argument as to my reasoning! Enjoy the courses!!


Level 2

Thanks it's good to hear good feedback about the course, so far I been learning a lot.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

not sure ask a dealer


Level 5

It's tough to tell by the pictures. To me the surfaces don't look right, like they have been cleaned. The toning resembles album toning but the pattern could be a result of cleaning. They would have to be in hand to tell you more.


Level 5

One thing you will be learning is the difference between Technical Grading and Market Grading. In technical grading toning does not affect the grade unless it is considered damage to the surface. In market grading toning can increase the grade if it is considered attracting and boost the expected price and conversely toning can lower the grade if it is considered distracting for the appearing of the coin and lowering its value. Market grading dives me nuts!!!! But ALL the third party grading companies do it.


Level 7

It shouldn't .effect the grade unless it's a foreign substance or corrosion or someone cleaned the field and couldn't clean the letters. You know more you have the coin. We only have a picture. And aren't you taking the course? You have to make the decision we can't make it for you. Sorry.


Level 6

I don't think it would affect the grade, but the cleaning or artificial color would have to be mentioned.


Level 5

Kepi is correct. It does distract from the appearance of the coin.


Level 6

It won't unless the surface has been altered or artificially toned.

I'm not sure how it might affect the grade, but it makes me think the coins may have been cleaned. I'll be interested in seeing what others say.

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