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19 Mar 2021

Cheap Collecting

| It's 1793 For Me

For many of us, money can be an issue for collecting. But, there are ways to collect without spending a lot of money (or spending a ton).So here are the five least expensive ways to collect.Five Least Expensive Ways to Collect:5: Lincoln CentsLincoln Cents can be a challenge with the infamous 1909-S V.D.B, but other than that and the 1914-D, Lincoln Cents are not that hard! It was my first series, and I really love 'em. If you take on the challenge, there are only 284coins to put in those slots. The series can be completed for less than $1400.
4: Buffalo NickelsBuffalo Nickels aren't that hard, you can get some of them by buying rolls off eBay, and the rest you can get by buying them individually. The only key date is 1938-D. This is a very small series with only 64 slots to fill, and it will cost less than $850.
3: Modern Washington QuartersAll Washington Quarters may cost more than $2500, but Modern (Starting 1999 with 50 States) are pretty easy! With only having 231 slots and counting, this series is beautiful when finished, and can be completed for less than $600.
2: Roosevelt DimesDon't get me wrong, I love a "rosey" now and then, but I find the series kind of boring. But, for collectors who don't have that much money, this series is perfect. with 160 slots to fill, this series is fun, easy, and costs less than $450!
1: Jefferson NickelsJefferson Nickels are AWESOME. They can be collected almost entirely from circulation, which is a big MS-70 for collectors who don't have that much money. With 187slots to fill, this series can be completed for less than $75!
Enjoy, and as always, Stay Numismatic :)



Level 6

Interesting blog. Easier said than done


Level 7

You have to help me out. Sets come in different ways. Are you talking just P.and D.? Then yes they would be very cheep. Or are you talking P.D.S. Or P.D.S.and SP. Silver proof . The books come that way with proofs without proofs. The Kennedy set is P.D.S.and SP. That's four coins a year. They started The silver proofs back in the 1990's. So be careful what book you buy for the set your collecting. Thanks for bringing the up.


Level 6

Another hint is to look at "Details" coins. They can put you into a series you may not have been able to get. I have a few details coins that are great. Thanks.


Level 6

Great tips. Thanks for the information! ; )


Level 5

Awesome tips on collecting. So many ways to enjoy and collect.


Level 5

Nice information

Very informative for new collecters! Keep it up!


Level 2

What an awesome blog post! Thanks for the great information.

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