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17 Apr 2021

Coin week activity

Exonumia | walking liberty

For my activity, i made a 3 cent cake. It is the reverse of the coin and it is the later version not made of silver. WL

14 Apr 2021

2021 morgan and peace dollar

Coins | walking liberty

I was looking on the mint's website and guess what I saw. It was the list of when certain coins are going to be released and the first day of production are going to be morgan dollars starting with the CC privy mark one on May,24,2021 and the organs will end in June,7,2021. Also, they will start the peace dollars on June,7,2021 the same day the morgans end. I am really excited and hope they don't charge $100 or something like that for just one. Hope you guys have a good week and stay safe! WL (image of coins belongs to Nusmaticnews.net)

09 Apr 2021

Coin shop pickups

Coins | walking liberty

Hello everyone! it has been a while since I posted, but here is a new one! I went to the coin shop and picked up two large cents for $10, a seated liberty dime for $5 (also the only one without a hole), and 4 half dimes for $20. Also, all but one of the Half dimes were arrow variety. So in total, i spent $35. Another thing is that each one was only $5! Well that's all Stay safe WL

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