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26 Jan 2021

collection post bug

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so i made a bunch of collection posts this weekend and when I inserted a picture of the back it will not show. only the cover picture saves and not the other ones! does anyone else have this problem and if you did how did you fix it? Because as a collector I know I would want to see the full coin and not just one side. have a good week WL



Level 5

Actually, it is showing. I checked, and could see the back of your $2 red seal bill. What you have to do is click on the photo. Then, click on it again so that it pops up. On the bottom of the photo there is an arrow that you can click, that leads you to the reverse pic

It's Mokie

Level 6

sometimes I forget to save when I upload, maybe you are just forgetting to save? I have never experienced that problem unless it was self-inflicted.


Level 6

Not sure... I'd call the ANA ; )


Level 5

Be sure to hit upload then update then save every time you see it once the picture uploads. It is tricky sometimes. You will see what I refer to next time. Upload, update, and then save each time.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

No clue


Level 5

No idea. LIke John said, probably call.


Level 5

Your two dollar bill is working for the reverse pic, maybe it is because you uploaded the obverse photo as the cover photo for the collection, try adding coins to the collection and then add the reverse pics, if you didn't already that is.....

walking liberty

Level 4

already did that


Level 6

Call the ANA.. Weird stuff is always coming and going.

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