Inspired by Pat

After reading Pat's blog about his slabbed Apollo 11 coins, I decided that, since ANACS will have a table at the PAN Convention, May 9-11th, Monroeville PA, I am going to take my Apollo 11 Half and Kennedy Reverse Proof and have them slabbed as well.  

I do like the Slab Style that ANACS is using nowadays and am slowly growing my collection of ANACS coins.  I will report back in a few weeks when the Slabs are graded and returned.   The attached photo is not my slab, just a representation of what my coin will look like in an ANACS slab.

8 months ago

i'd say ANACS is the cheapest option too, and they have the same quality as PCGS or NGC.

8 months ago

I am a fan of ANACS. Especially for VAMs and some other varieties coins the other two big guys don't do.

8 months ago
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