Has anyone tried to access the old past digital issues of The Numismatist magazine? Bit of a headache figuring it out, at first. Takes you to a different site in the U.K.. Worth it though.

21 days ago

Lots of interesting and fascinating stuff in those old issues. Just another bonus for belonging to the ANA.

21 days ago

That is for sure. Your blog reminded me of them. You really should correct that blog. A lot of people are getting the wrong info.Thanks.. 

20 days ago

A UK company, Exact Editions, worked with the The Numismatist's current printer in Michigan, scanned every since issue of the magazine prior to digitization, to create the archives, so it stored on their digital magazine platform. Members do need to register for access for the first time. It is a great research tool, as you can see. The instructions for members are online here: https://www.money.org/thenumismatist/digitalarchives 

19 days ago

WOW, good to know, nothing like an issue of Numismatist to pass the time and learn even more about history and coinages reflection of it. 

19 days ago

I would think that the ANA library would have access to those I mean I can't see them throwing them away. Try the library it couldn't hurt and they should have them Shake job them if they dont. I saw the Numismatic News going back to 1913. Almost the same name if it wasn't the same. Not recall. If they don't have it I would ask them why.? Face it the magazine is theirs the have to have it. I hope you get it. 

15 days ago

They are all available on line from this web site. All the way back to issue # one. Good idea about the library.

14 days ago
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