The 2020 W Special Coin Will Be .............

The Jefferson Nickel will be the next Chase coin offered by the Mint to help spur sales of their Proof Set, Silver Proof Set, and Uncirculated set.  They are apparently going to work on the problem of damaged coins from the Lincoln W program.  I hope they give those coins their own individual wrap, like the same material used for the uncirculated coins.  Read the details here:

2 months ago

I thought that the West Point Lincoln inclusion for each set was a refreshing idea for the mint. While I will not dispute the many complaints as to the condition in which some collectors received theirs, the three that I received (Mint set, proof set, silver proof set) are flawless. With that, I must agree with the mint on continuation of the West Point mint marked coinage.

On a side note, answering your question, yes. I plan on attending in May along with my 14 year old niece. She collects primarily pre-1900 foreign coinage. 

1 month ago

Well today I found our the mint will remain consistent. The nickels will be packaged in bags.. There heavy the cent is not. I don't expect this to work out either.

1 month ago

As I said a long time ago the packaging is the same. I will not post it because it's an embarrassment to the mint and collectors. It has a beautiful scratch over the date and hairline scratches. I guessed they listened to the collectors like always. Another wasted year. They are consistent they just don't care. There dumped into bins then sealed in a plastic bag and put in an UNSEALED ENVELOPE.  This causes the Nickels to bounce all over the box. They could of least sealed the bag.

21 days ago

See Mike above. I fear it will be as bloody nasty as the one cent last year..Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

14 days ago

Luckily I do not even have the slightest interest in Jefferson Nickels so they will not be added to my collection like the W Lincolns were.  I will probably end up buying a W San Antonio Quarter though,  I LOVE the design and I want every version of it. 

14 days ago
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