coins for a's

Coins for A's - Earn Collectible Coins for Good Grades!

Earn 3 or more A's in school and we'll send you a coin and a FREE initial 1 year electronic membership to the American Numismatic Association. Home-schooled students are encouraged to participate as well. In fact, about 10 percent of the Coins for A’s participants are from home-schooled students.

Send a copy of your report card with 3 or more A's to:

Rod Gillis, Education Director
American Numismatic Association
818 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903 
or via email to rgillis@money.org
Available each marking period.


Coins for A's Video Spotlight: Stafford High School Spartan Coin Club

Hear from students and teachers about how the Coins for A's program encourages good grades while fostering the hobby of numismatics.

Become a Young Numismatist

  • For young people, ages 5-17
  • Learn all about coins and money!
  • Earn Early American Copper Coins - Add some of the earliest American coins to your collection and learn about American history.
  • Collect Ancient Coins - Earn beautiful ancient coins by writing articles, school reports, doing presentations or creating a coin exhibit.
  • Get Your Newsletter - Receive Your Newsletter, an electronic publication specifically for YNs, with updates on projects, events and activities.

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