18 Nations to give away coins for ANA Mint Passport in New York

June 21, 2002 By ekr

18 Nations to give away coins for ANA Mint Passport in New York

The coins of 18 countries are featured in this year’s American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) World Mint Passport, available only at the ANA World’s Fair of MoneySM in New York City, July 31 to August 4.

“The Mint Passport, which provides information about each of the participating nations and spaces for their coins, is a lasting souvenir of the show,” says Passport Coordinator Cary Hardy. “Since 1990, the ANA has been giving new and seasoned collectors an ideal way to remember the convention. We are thankful for the mints’ participation and their generosity in providing samples of their current coinage.”

For the first time, the passport will feature euro coins, which were introduced into circulation in 12 European countries last January. The Royal Spanish Mint, which produces both coins and paper money, will offer 1-eurocent coins. The Austrian Mint, which is more than 800 years old, will provide passport holders with 2-eurocent pieces. The Monnaie de Paris, a French institution dating back more than 12 centuries, will offer its 10-eurocent coins. The Royal Dutch Mint, which has been in operation without interruption since 1567, also will give 10-eurocent pieces.

Mints participating in the passport that issue coins featuring portraits of Queen Elizabeth II include the Royal Australian Mint, which did not begin producing its own coins until 1965; Bermuda Monetary Authority, which started issuing a definitive coinage in 1970; British Royal Mint, which dates back more than 1,100 years; Royal Canadian Mint, which is a global leader in minting; and the privately operated Pobjoy Mint, which produces coins for Gibraltar and Isle of Man.

Participating countries from the western Pacific rim are China, whose passport coins will be distributed by China Gold Corporation; and Singapore, which produces some of the world’s most technologically advanced coins.

The United States Mint will be distributing recent issues from its 50 State Quarterâ„¢ Program for passport holders.

Also distributing coins for the ANA World Mints Passport are Russia, whose monetary system originated 1000 years ago; its neighbor, Ukraine, which began issuing its own currency after gaining its independence in 1991; one of the New World’s oldest mints, the Casa de Moneda de Mexico, which was established in 1535; one of the Old World’s newer nations, Israel, which was established in 1948; and the South African Mint Company, which will provide the only coins from the African Continent.

For more information about the World Mints Passport, contact the ANA MoneyMarket at 818 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3279; telephone 719/632-2646; fax 719/634 4085; or E-mail enterprise@money.org. Or visit the ANA web site www.money.org.

Originally Release Date: June 21, 2002
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