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1900 Lafayette Memorial Dollar



 1900 Lafayette Obverse     1900 Lafayette Reverse

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To commemorate and fund a memorial equestrian statue to General Lafayette in Paris as part of the Paris Exposition of 1900.


Maximum Number Authorized: 50,000 pieces.

Sale Price: $2.00




    Obverse – Charles Barber

Heads of George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette facing right. “LAFAYETTE DOLLAR” appears at the bottom.

Online Resource: https://www.ushistory.org/valleyforge/served/lafayette.html  

   Reverse – Charles Barber

Statue of General Lafayette mounted on a horse facing left. In his right hand, he is holding a sword with the blade facing down and the hilt up. Within the border, the inscription “ERECTED BY THE YOUTH OF THE UNITED STATES IN HONOR OF GEN LAFAYETTE PARIS 1900.” The name “BARTLETT” appears below the statue. Paul Wayland Bartlett designed the statue.


Online Resource: https://www.unjourdeplusaparis.com/en/paris-insolite/detail-insolite-statue-la-fayette 




50,000 dollars were struck for sale to the public. 12,000 pieces were shipped to Paris to be sold through the Memorial Commission. 10,000 were returned as the coin did not sell well. In total, 36,000 pieces were sold. T
he remaining 14,000 were returned to the Mint and melted.


Paris Exposition Online Resource:  






  • With the creation of the Lafayette Memorial dollar, George Washington became the first president to appear on a U.S. Coin.

  • Lafayette was the first person to appear on both the obverse and reverse of a U.S. Coin.

  • All Lafayette dollars were minted on the same day, December 14, 1899 (the 100th anniversary of the death of President Washington). The date on the coin is 1900.

  • The first coin struck was eventually given to French President Emile Loubet.

  • The 1900 Olympics were held within the framework of the Paris Exposition. Events such as motorcycle and car racing, croquet and kite flying were contested for the first and only time in Olympic history. No opening or closing ceremonies were held.

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