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1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Half Dollar


1915 Panama Pacific Obverse1915 Panama Pacific Reverse


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To celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal through the funding of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.


Maximum Number Authorized: 200,000 pieces.

Sale Price: $1.00




    Obverse – Charles Barber

Columbia faces left with extended arms and open hands scattering flowers. Behind Columbia stands a naked child holding a cornucopia. The Golden Gate and the rays of the setting sun are in the background. Within the coin’s border is the inscription “PANAMA-PACIFIC EXPOSITION.”


Online Resource: https://www.nps.gov/goga/learn/historyculture/ppie.htm

Reverse – George Morgan

An eagle with extended raised wings perched on the national shield. 



60,000 coins were struck and offered to the public. Even though the coins were offered for sale at the well attended Exposition, not all of them sold and 32,866 pieces were returned and melted.


Panama-Pacific Exposition Online Resource:  https://ppie100.org/



  • The Panama-Pacific half dollar is the first commemorative to include the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

  • It was the first commemorative half dollar to be struck at a branch Mint (San Francisco).

  • Henry Ford’s company built 25 cars each day at the Exposition. The cars were assembled at the Palace of Transportation, with a total of 4,400 cars built.

  • The half dollar was priced at $1.00 each but there was a group rate of 6 for $5.00.


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