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1920 Maine Centennial Half Dollar

 1920 Maine Centennial Obverse     1920 Maine Centennial Reverse


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To commemorate and fund the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the admission of Maine  statehood into the Union.



Maximum Number Authorized: 100,000 pieces.


Sale Price: $1.00




    Obverse – Anthony de Francisci

Arms of the state of Maine.Two male figures represent Commerce (the anchor) and Agriculture (the scythe).


Online Resource: https://www.heraldry-wiki.com/heraldrywiki/index.php/Maine_(state)  


   Reverse – Anthony de Francisci

Wreath of pine needles and cones. Within the wreath, “MAINE CENTENIAL 1820-1920” appears.




50,000 half dollars were struck for the public. The coins were sold through the Office of the State Treasurer. All pieces were sold. 


Maine Centennial Online Resource:  






  • Delivery of the coins from the Mint were not made until the centennial celebration was over.

  • Designer Anthony de Francisci is well known for designing the Peace dollar.

  • Moxie was designated as the official soft drink of Maine in 2005.

  • Maine became a state as part of the Missouri Compromise. To keep the balance of power equal between states, Maine entered the Union as a free state while Missouri entered as a slave state.

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