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1935 Hudson, New York, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar


 1935 HUDSON Reverse             

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To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Hudson, New York.


Maximum Number Authorized: 10,000 pieces.


Sale Price: $1.00




    Obverse – Chester Beach

The ship Half Moon sailing to the right. The name “HUDSON” is located below the ship with a quarter moon appearing above the ship. The designer’s initials are located within the lower border.


Online Resource: http://victoryshipmodels.com/half-moon-ship-journey-and%20captain-henry-hudson.html


   Reverse – Chester Beach

An adaptation of the seal of the city of Hudson. The god Neptune is riding backwards on a whale while holding a trident in his right hand. A mermaid blowing a conch shell appears in the background. “CITY OF HUDSON N.Y.” is located just below the upper border. The city’s motto “ED DECUS ET PRETTIUM RECTI” (“Both the honor and reward of the righteous”) is on a ribbon surrounding the seal with the anniversary dates located at the bottom of the coin.


Online Resource: https://hvmag.com/life-style/history/hudson-valley-whaling-industry-a-history-of-claverack-landing-hudson-ny/ 




The Philadelphia Mint produced 10,000 coins for sale to the public. Large pre-orders were placed by a few people in May of 1935. When the coins were released in late June, those not already ordered were sold out in five days.




  • Henry Hudson tried several times to locate a northwest passage through North America to Asia.

  • Husdon and his teen-aged son were set adrift in the spring of 1611 by his crew.

  • Two replicas of the Half Moon were built. The first, built in 1909, was destroyed in a fire. The 1989 replica still exists.

  • Neptune was the Roman god of the sea. He is the brother of Jupiter and Pluto.

  • In Roman mythology, Neptune had a bad temper. Earthquakes were attributed to Neptune’s anger.


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