1936 albany new york charter banner

1936 Albany, New York, Charter Half Dollar


  1936 ALBANY Reverse       1936 ALBANY Obverse 

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To commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the city of Albany, NY.


Maximum Number Authorized: 25,000 pieces.


Sale Price: $2.00




    Obverse – Gertrude Lathrop

A beaver gnawing on a maple branch. Two maple keys, complete with seeds, are located on each side of the beaver. A beaver is included in the Albany city seal. 


   Reverse – Gertrude Lathrop

Governor Thomas Dongan taking leave of his secretary Robert Livingston and Peter Schuyler, the first mayor of Albany. Schuyler is holding the Albany city charter of 1686. An eagle with outstretched wings is located above the group. The inscription “SETTLED 1614 CHARTERED 1686 ALBANY NY” encircles the coin. Two pine cones are located in the same position  as the maple keys on the obverse. The date 1936 is located in the exergue. The designer’s initials are found beside Dongan’s foot.


Online Resource: https://exhibitions.nysm.nysed.gov//albany/charter.html 




25,000 coins were struck at the Philadelphia Mint for sale. The Albany Donogan Charter Coin Committee offered the coins for $2 each. In all, 17,658 were sold with 7,342 returned to the Mint in 1943.


1936 Albany Celebration Online Resource:  





  • The beaver on the obverse of the coin reflects the importance of beaver pelts to commerce in the area during the 17th century.

  • A beaver appears on the seal of Albany.

  •  Albany is the longest continuously chartered city in the United States.


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