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1936 Long Island Tercentenary


 1936 Long Island Obverse       1936 Long Island Reverse

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To commemorate the 300th anniversary of the first European settlement on Long Island, New York.


Maximum Number Authorized: A maximum of 100,000 pieces and a minimum of 5,000.


Sale Price: $1.00




    Obverse – Howard Kenneth Weinman

Heads of a Dutch settler and an Algonquin Native American, facing right. The designer’s initials are located below the Native American’s chin.


   Reverse – Howard Kenneth Weinman

A Dutch three-masted ship sailing to the right. Underneath the date 1936 appears the inscription “LONG ISLAND TERCENTENARY”.


Online Resource: https://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/digital-exhibitions/a-tour-of-new-netherland/long-island/




100,000 pieces were coined at the Philadelphia Mint for sale to the public. A total of 81,826 were sold with the remaining 18,174 returned to the Mint for melting.




  • The  coin was issued several months after the Long Island Tercentenary celebration took place.

  • The designer of the coin, Howard Kenneth Weinman was the son of A.A. Weinman who designed the Liberty Walking half dollar and the Mercury dime.

  • A bronze so-called dollar was also minted to celebrate the tercentenary.


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